May 27, 2020

Mastropiero arrives at the Instituto Cervantes | Culture

In the narrow room of boxes (only 40 people can enter due to oxygen issues) of the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in Madrid, crowded with photographers, this morning the metallic voice of the poet Luis García Montero, president of the institution, resounded. "It is an honor to receive the legacy of this clear example of the subtlety of language," he said. Six men in suits, with hairstyles ranging from wild white hair to total shaving, were waiting standing. At his side, open, awaited one of the metal boxes where the creators deposit something for the future. You could read: "Legacy 1224. Les Luthiers: musicians and comedians". The date to open the ballot box: September 4, 1942.

The six men were Carlos López Puccio, Jorge Maronna, Horacio Tato Turano, Roberto Antier, Martín O'Connor and Tomás Mayer-Wolf. Les Luthiers The seventh guest, Marcos Mundstock, could not go for health reasons. His thunderous narrator voice was not heard in the room. The group, Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities in 2017, deposited his legacy at the Instituto Cervantes, which subsequently paid them a tribute loaded with personalities from the world of culture and politics.

"We had doubts about the amount … but it is 52 years, we have brought many things," said Carlos López Puccio, who along with Jorge Maronna (the two most veteran members present), proceeded to dismantle the inventory of his legacy: "A score of the Cantata Laxatón, a parody of The Passion according to Saint Matthew, from Bach, ”Maronna explained. “Whose text is the prospect of a laxative,” added Puccio; "Texts of our interventions, very crossed out," said the first. "Because we worked from the bright idea to leave something that was really bad," replied the second. "The collection of our DVDs," said one. "That the boys will not be able to reproduce when they are taken out," the other concluded. The list was completed by the first news that appeared about the group (in December 1967), all its hand programs, books of photographs of him and up to three matáfonos.

Followers and friends

"The composer Johann Sebastian Mastropiero …". Those five words work, for the Colombian journalist Daniel Samper, as an invitation to the fruitful and imaginative universe of Les Luthiers: “a place full of talent, humor and what in Spain is called good vibes”. Samper, who recalled some of the group's verbal audacity —The Sheikh who afflicts the migraine; The Bedouins of certain deserts deserts; Whoever knew Mary would love Mary— He was responsible for conducting the tribute after the delivery of the legacy.

"I don't know whether to say a few words, genuflect them, or ask that public health prescribe to listen to them," said the acting Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, who opened the tribute and thanked the Argentines "for their finesse and simplicity, and being magnificent bearers of this language that unites us ", before pointing out that his presence was an institutional tribute, but also a personal one.

If Samper has served as ambassador for Les Luthiers in Latin America, EL PAÍS journalist Álex Grijelmo has done the same in Spain since the year 75 when he first heard a record of the group. Connoisseur of the shared language, Grijelmo stressed how the Luthiers are able to break the context mechanism “something generally well armed, and give a phrase several meanings –Mastropiero spent long hours in the library of the opulent Marquise de Quintanilla, whose volumes he was passionate about– “. At the event, where there was also space for former members of the group (some, such as Gerardo Masana, the founder, or Daniel Rabinovich, already deceased), also participated the musicologist Rosa León, who highlighted the musical talent of the group, “which also comprise folklore that mariachis that Andean songs ”. And the singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat, who recalled joint performances in Spain and Argentina. Subsequently, the three members of the theater company Tricicle joined the tribute, of which a sketch was projected in which they shared the stage with Les Luthiers.

"Today's," he said in a more solemn tone, and to close the act, Puccio. “It is one of those brief moments in life when one dreams of posterity. Today it consisted of leaving objects, ”he said. Normally, Les Luthiers are dedicated to leave memories.

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