July 29, 2021

Masters Paris-Bercy 2018: Khachanov claims a site | sports

Masters Paris-Bercy 2018: Khachanov claims a site | sports

Even though Novak Djokovic be a magnificent poker player, as far as gestures and signals are concerned on the track, this Sunday his face betrayed him. During the 1h 37 minutes of the final against Karen Khachanov, his face said constantly that he had no cards and could not see the play. And it is that Nole ran into in front of the Russian that for some time now emits signals and now, gaining ground day after day, and claims a gap between the granado of the circuit. With his impressive 1.98 and a steel right, the Muscovite (22 years old) disarmed the Serbian and won the Paris-Bercy trophy, the fourth of a race that continues on the same line to be important.

For a long time, Khachanov has been giving warnings. In the last two years he has left significant clues and this year he was not too far from beating Rafael Nadal in New York. Now, on the hard track of Bercy, he closed the circle that he drew since the beginning of the week, successively distressed high-caliber tennis players like John Isner, Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem and in the final (7-5 ​​and 6-4) at the very same Djokovic, who chained 22 consecutive victories and 87 days without knowing the defeat, snatching number one from Nadal. The last time he had given a game was in Montreal, on August 9 against the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Now, the one who stumbled was another young man who swiped three times the service and knew how to keep the distances with a drive relentless and the power of serve. In this way, Khachanov achieved the most lustrous victory of his career – before, rewards in Moscow, Marseille and Chengdu – and ascends to eleventh place in the ranking, crying out for a space among the strongest. His present and his future are acquiring brightness, while Djokovic took a jug of cold water because he was the big favorite. He did not find a way to stop his rival and was left without another Masters 1000, but will land in the Masters Cup (from November 11 to 18) with an income of 565 points and the one To the back.

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