'Masters of sewing' is revalued | TV

'Masters of sewing' is revalued | TV

The second seasons of the talent shows they are key to determining the success of the format. And a good opportunity to improve and correct errors, either from the program itself or from the contestants. Masters of sewing, the contest produced by Shine Iberia (the same as MasterChef) for La 1 de Televisión Española returns this Wednesday (22.40) revalued, with new tests, more prepared contestants, and a jury that claims to have more tables. In its first edition, the program presented by Raquel Sánchez Silva had a good average of 1,886,000 viewers, achieving a screen share of 13.7%. This year will face the series on Wednesday nights Slaughterhouse (Antena 3) and the premiere of fiction Ours 2 (Telecinco).

In the workshop Masters of sewing 12 trainees will compete with their designs and sewing to obtain the prize of 50,000 euros, a design course taught by the Higher Fashion Center of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the possibility of exhibiting their creations in a capsule collection - formed by a limited series of garments- that will go on sale in a department store.

For this second season, 12,000 candidates have been presented, 20% more than a year ago, according to Macarena Rey, producer of the program at the presentation of the program last Wednesday. "There are many improvements over last year, since the first chapter are very decent clothes, it is true that in the first chapters of last season there was much truño", admitted the producer.

The jury, made up of Loreno Caprile, María Escoté and Palomo Spain will have even more relevance in this edition. They have gained in experience and will have more participation. "This year the judges are going to sew, which is something we love, because they stayed with desire last year. And they will do it in the same circumstances as the apprentices. And they recognize how they have a bad time. This means, with the same time, and the clock is very damn for everyone, "explained Rey. "It is the edition of the jury explosion", assured Sánchez Silva. "We have entered the workshop with tremendous confidence, feeling it as ours. We are comfortable and we manage it, "said Palomo. The presenter, who is also in charge of The next in La 1, he admitted that this year he has also been more comfortable with the program: "Sewing has to do with the heart. People can not be false when they sew, "said the presenter.

The revaluation of the program has been certified in this second season by the industry itself. "It is very nice to see how our colleagues, designers and brands, who in the first edition were more skeptical and reluctant, now value what we are doing with them and show on television how they work," said Palomo, referring to This installment the program travels outside the set and visits some of the houses of some of the most outstanding brands of the Spanish textile industry, such as Desigual, Pronovias or Tous.

Among the guests this season, who want to bet on sustainability in the textile industry, will be designers such as Sybilla, Juan Duyos, Marcos Luengo, Juan Vidal, Adriana Iglesias and Juan Avellaneda. Also they will pass by the famous workshop like Boris Izaguirre, Loles León, Rossy de Palma, Brisa Fenoy, Brays Efe, Fernando Tejero, Edu Soto, Ana Polvorosa, Blanca Padilla and the winner of last year, Alicia Cao.


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