‘Masterchef’ leads strongly in its most tense night and ‘The debate of temptations’ goes up on Telecinco

Carmina Barrios in 'Masterchef Celebrity'.

Carmina Barrios in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’.

‘Masterchef Celebrity’ returned to lead last night with its most tense delivery. The talent of La 1 scored a great 19.6% and 2,136,000 viewers and was unrivaled, although it did find a great rise for ‘The debate of temptations’. The program jumped from Cuatro to Telecinco and gained more than four points, up 13.8% and 1,429,000. For its part, ‘Inocentes’ kept its loyal audience on Antena 3, although far from victory with 10.5% and 1,138,000 followers.


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