'MasterChef' does not need Eva González | TV

'MasterChef' does not need Eva González | TV

Eva González will present The voice on Antena 3. It's the television signing of the week. The former Miss, veteran of the budding talents, will conduct the regular version, that of children and even that dedicated to retirees of the program that has earned the merit of not making any singer transfer their success beyond the weeks of contest (the important thing is the juries; coach, said more cool). But he also leaves with MasterChef at its peak, TVE's only bombing with Tell me. The question was forced: Who will replace it there? It does not matter, because their work was unnecessary.

You only need to travel to the cable to know it. There, between home renovations and pawnshops, it's easy to come across a MasterChef international. Canada, the United States, Italy … they do not have a presenter, but the pace does not change. Actually, yes. Is better. Unlike the 150-minute marathon program, they last between 40 and one hour. A pleasure never appreciated in our country. That is the necessary paradigm shift in the public one. Advance schedules and cut out minutes of your most successful space. For the quality of the content and for the mental health of the spectator, who sleeps five hours to see if this week they throw the Lomana.

In foreign versions the jury serves as a master of ceremony. Faces like Gordon Ramsey or Joe Bastianich have enough talent. Our chefs, although they were not popular before, do not suffer from charisma to repeat the tactic.

The presenter, beyond the good night, the merchandising own flight Ryanair and the "put flavor to life", plays the role of Murcia. We know he's in a corner, but he never raises his voice. In The voice, on the other hand, it will be refreshing because of the novelty of not having Jesus Vázquez in the garlic, ready to repeat itself with all the variations to the same. The Galician will make the opposite jump, now with pastry chefs in Bake off, but also in Idol Kids. There still seems to be talent to be explored, even if we have to conquer Portugal to create contestants.

Gonzalez will be there to please children and grandparents. As the Grand Prix. But do not make her sing. Not a little dish has been cooked in these five years. Lomana would be proud.


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