‘MasterChef’ could start before the Newscast

A picture from ‘Masterchef Celebrity’.

The president of RTVE, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, affirmed this Wednesday that he will study the possibility that the kitchen talent MasterChef‘start before the second edition of the Newscast and end after of the informative, although it sees “difficult” that it can be anticipated.

“What we do not want is to give the outcome on the web before it has occurred. “This has been indicated by Pérez Tornero in a periodic appearance before the Mixed Commission (CongressSenate) of Parliamentary Control of the RTVE Corporation and its Societies, held in the Constitutional Chamber of the Congress of Deputies.

The president of RTVE thus picked up the glove thrown by the deputy of the PP Amelia Salanueva, who has suggested to “help” that the program “start before the newscast, which also drag spectators from the newscast that they won’t hurt you, and then you can continue the program. ”

Pérez Tornero, who has also appeared before the Budget Commission to report on the Draft Law on General State Budgets (PGE) By the year 2022, it has recognized that they are not “completely consistent” nor with ‘access prime-time’ –space of half an hour or an hour before the ‘prime-time’, which “sometimes” have advanced and other times delayed “nor in cutting, for example, ‘Masterchef'”.

Advance prime time

In this sense, the president of RTVE attributes this to a contractual issue, but also to “a delivery of more material” by the producer. “I assure you that in the next programs it will be very, very valued,” Pérez Tornero assured the PP deputy Amelia Salanueva, who asked him if he was going to take any measures to the ‘prime time’ of Spanish Television (TVE) ends at a “reasonable” and “prudent” hour. “We are working intensively on how to modify the ‘prime time’,” he stressed.

Also from the Popular Party they have asked Pérez Tornero about the data he manages to announce that TVE news programs will be audience leaders in 2022 and for his assessment of the acceptance of the new programming by the public.

“Both due to the resources and the dimension of the capacity of Radio Televisión Española in information, we not only doubled, but we triple the other televisions. Our commitment is going to be very strong in this line and based solely on the consideration of information resources, we believe that we are going to make the leap, “said the president. He also added that the data for September are” optimistic “, and in October they have improved.

As stated by the head of RTVE, there are many programming novelties that come from contracts prior to his inauguration that cannot be settled. “We will gradually launch a new audiovisual narrative and a new method in fiction and cinema, “he said, while saying that a unit for the creation of new entertainment formats will be created.

The deputy of Vox Manuel Mariscal has asked him if he plans to reduce RTVE’s management structure, to which Pérez Tornero has responded by committing himself to “reduce” and make the organization chart “more efficient”. “Little by little we will be adjusting until we achieve, within a few months, that the weight, the wage bill in this sector is lower,” he commented.

Another of the commitments that Pérez Tornero has made in this Wednesday’s session has to do with the promotion of La Palma within the framework of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. The president has accepted the request of the ‘popular’ Asier Antona, who has requested that “the media focus does not turn off”, that he reinforce the staff, that promote all solidarity actions aimed at alleviating the effects of the eruption, and that the image of La Palma like a “safe” island.

Due to the situation of the territorial centers, both the ‘popular’ Macarena Montesinos and the socialist Lidia Guinart have questioned him, to whom he has “categorically” assured that the territorial structure of RTVE “is not in danger.” Thus, he has affirmed that a “good part” of the places that will be summoned in the next contest will be destined to the territorial centers.

Vacant places

On the measures that the RTVE Corporation plans to adopt to fill the vacancies in the Orchestra and Choir, the socialist Tamara Raya has asked. “I am going to defend with all my heart this choir and this orchestra,” he said, and later added that he is at a “critical moment” for the squad. Thus, Pérez Tornero has stated that he has in mind a “crash plan“and start a dialogue with the Ministry of Culture.

To questions from PNV, Más País and ERC about the Corporation’s journalists’ trip to Western Sahara, the president said that “all the decisions” that have been adopted have been “in conscience“and he recalled that the Information Statute of the Corporation establishes that” trips paid for by information sources will not be accepted when said circumstance may affect the impartiality of the information. “” The decision that was made was to travel to the Sahara but for own means “, has settled the president, who supports the decision of the Directive.


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