‘Masterchef Celebrity’ receives Mario Vaquerizo and ‘The debate of temptations’ delays its schedule

An image of the Masterchef jury, made up of Samantha Vallejo, Pepe Rodríguez and Jordi Cruz.

An image of the Masterchef jury, made up of Samantha Vallejo, Pepe Rodríguez and Jordi Cruz.

Tonight, starting at 10:10 p.m., TVE issues a new installment of Masterchef Celebrity. The jury challenges the applicants to make crusted Norwegian salmon with choron sauce, in pairs and taking over from the stove. In addition, Ofelia, aspiring of the ninth season of MasterChef, cooks with one of them. Later, at the Mirador del Monte San Pedro, at an altitude of 140 meters, the applicants must serve 80 inhabitants of A Coruña a menu with the flavors of the land designed by chef Luis Veira, with a Michelin star. Finally, to save themselves from elimination, the black aprons must make a free dessert with only six ingredients that they choose from a box with a multitude of products. There is a lot of variety, but only a limited number of each. Mario Vaquerizo, finalist of the third edition of MasterChef Celebrity, supports you in this challenge.

The biggest change of the night occurs in Four, which will fully host ‘The debate of temptations’, delaying its start at 10:50 p.m. The program receives a visit from Fani Carbajo after her kiss with Julián. The protagonist values ​​the unpublished material that the space offers and answers the questions that the followers ask her on social networks. In addition, Mayka and Marta star in an intense exchange of positions in the circle of fire, a ceremony that can mean the immediate departure from the adventure of one of them. Finally, all the images of the night are analyzed by the team of collaborators, which continues to include Nagore Robles, Terelu Campos, Suso Álvarez, Kiko Matamoros; the former participants of the format Lola Mencía, Melyssa Pinto and Melodie Peñalver; the expert in couples therapy Arantxa Coca; and family and friends of some of the protagonists.

Telecinco broadcasts ‘The people’

Telecinco will issue, starting at 11:00 p.m., a new chapter of ‘The people’. María takes office as the new mayor and appoints Amaya and Ruth as edilas. Pablo, for his part, decides to dedicate himself to the grape harvest and Nacho hooks up with Balbina, to impress Isa. In addition, Maca’s biological father shows up in town with the idea of ​​taking her to Zaragoza. At the same time, the physical attraction between Ruth and Orestes puts Moncho to the test. Finally, Elisa has the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities as a painter.

Antenna 3 will continue betting on ‘Innocents’ from 10:45 p.m. Han learns that Naci knows an old secret of hers. and this makes his grudge for Naci even stronger. At the same time, giving up Esat entirely, Gülben seeks a new adventure. Finally, when Inci learns that Memduh works as a taxi driver, she decides to make a radical decision.

the sixth maintains its bet on the cinema with ‘Specter’ from 10:30 p.m. A cryptic message from Bond’s past puts him on track to uncover a sinister organization. As M fights against political forces to keep the secret services alive, Bond unravels the layers of deceptions behind which Specter hides to reveal the terrible truth that lies there.


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