Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Master Joao seduces his fans with a nude photo on instagram

The master Joao, the seer and former contestant of Survivors 2018, has left his followers speechless Instagram when posting a Photo in which it appears completely naked. In the image you can see him from behind and wearing a body – and a face – that seem to have gone through some kind of retouch
photographic… or that they accuse him in social networks.

The unique python reader of the buttocks published the snapshot in response to a promise he had made to Jorge Javier Vázquez: “I owed it to you,” the intrepid male model has written. In this way I tried to demonstrate how his body has remained after losing 19 kilos in three months. However, not all reviews have been positive.

'Survivors': Master Joao reads Jorge Javier's ass live

'Survivors': Master Joao reads Jorge Javier's ass live

“I already read many, now that they read it to me,” Joao wrote laughing at the practice that made him famous in Survivors 2018 and that it consisted of reading the future in the buttocks of his companions. Many of his followers have applauded the teacher's nude ensuring that he is at “his best” or that Pol Badía, his current partner, "is very lucky" to be with him.

However, not all opinions have been positive. From those who questioned the authenticity of the photos ensuring that "You do not even believe it" to those who were much more incisive saying that "you have more Photoshop than botox in the face". Anyway, the photo hung on the profile of the seer and accumulates thousands of likes.

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