February 28, 2021

Master advocates a profile outside of Más Madrid to recover Madrid in 2023

The co-spokesman of More Madrid in the City of Madrid, Rita Maestre, is looking for a profile outside the current municipal group as head of the list in the 2023 bid and underlines that they still have four years to find the figure that relieves Manuela Carmena

In an interview with the Efe Agency, the one that was a spokesperson with Carmena explains that although there is "quarry" they must find a person with a "charisma", "moral and professional authority" but as those of the former mayor, something "difficult" to His judgment, let him approach.

"We need a very good profile, which is also very good and it is healthy to have renewal in groups and political parties," said Maestre, who does not want More Madrid, as in the PP, charges after 30 years of political career have "no other place to go".

In any case, the covozvoz of More Madrid with Marta Higueras, indicates that by then it will not continue because it expects to close its political life in 2023.

Until then, Maestre and Más Madrid will oppose the PP and Cs government headed by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, focusing on the same issues that have been defended by the Government – "mobility, fight against pollution," ironclad defense of rights of women and the LGTBI collective ", exemplifies.

They also intend to avoid cuts in social rights or public services that in the opinion of the mayor may "be in danger."

In front, the council considers that they have a government "formed against" whose "only plan is to undo what Manuela Carmena left done," also in relation to Central Madrid.

"There is no plan that is not Carmen and no, and that is a frontive and, above all, very ineffective way to confront the government of a city," Maestre defends, which also makes the "differences" perceived between PP and Citizens more difficult. Address the changes in this area of ​​low emissions.

For its part, More Madrid will work with a "collegiate and rotating management" and two spokespersons, an innovative model "where responsibilities are shared" and responds to the analysis of "what happens when political organizations concentrate too much responsibility on one person "

As Carmena, who pointed out in an interview with El País that the secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, had damaged his candidacy, Maestre believes that "there have been attitudes that have not supported re-election."

And about his belonging to Podemos, he points out that he does not know what happened to the file opened against him, although in any case he gives closed that "intense and beautiful chapter" of his life.

Maestre assumes that the new government will cut tapes of the works that started Ahora Madrid, an "investment effort" that will be perceived in the periphery in the form of centers for the elderly, nursery schools or sports centers and although he admits that it could have been explained that "this change it could be slower than expected "the important thing is that it was done" de facto "and the neighbors" will have more rights ".

The mayor of More Madrid attributed the loss of the Consistory not the division of the left, but a "national cycle" where the cities that climbed the "progressive wave" in 2015 have changed the political color a context with three rights and " very few incentives for any right-wing voter to stay at home. "

It also considers that the general elections hurt the municipal ones: "Many people felt that they had already done their part and that in the municipal and the autonomous regions they had to put less meat in the spit because they had defended a very important first trench that was the that Vox did not have a huge weight in the configuration of the government of Spain ".

More Madrid will not expand to the whole of Spain because they are focused on building a project "clearly from Madrid", "solid" "very grounded" in the territories and that allows to integrate the ideas of citizens.

Facing the national scenario, the mayor believes that it would be a "notable failure" to repeat the elections for what he calls the PSOE and we can act "responsibly and generously" to form the progressive government that they owe to the electorate as well he asked for it mostly on April 28.

María López

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