Masks case: «It must be resolved quickly, the intervener says that the refund must be requested now»

Excerpts from the messages exchanged between Conrado Domínguez and Samuel Machín. / c7

Conrado Domínguez and one of the commission agents exchanged messages in which the director of the SCS gave him information about the investigation

The general director of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS), Conrado Domínguez,
maintained a constant flow of messages with commission agents During the months in which the four million contract was negotiated for some masks that never reached the hospitals, communications that evidenced,
According to the Anticorruption Prosecutornot only the complicity between the two, but also the rush to find a possible settlement to avoid further criminal liability.
“You have to solve it quickly, the intervenor says that you have to request the refund now”Domínguez wrote to the commission agent after the repeated breaches and the allegedly irregular renewal of the expired contract signed by the Administration with the automotive company RR7 United SL.

These communications were provided to Anticorruption on July 7 by Samuel Machín, who agreed with the other intermediary -Osvaldo Lastras, a friend of Conrado Domínguez-
a commission of 100,000 euros with RR7 United SL for the purchase of 3M model 1860 masks.

The commission agent provided conversations by WhatsApp with Conrado Domínguez himself in which the director of the SCS warned him about the progress of the investigations that were already underway, both by the Prosecutor's Office and by the Judicial Police and about the possible criminal consequences of non-compliance. of the contract in the Masks case. He also facilitated the talks he had with the former director general of Economic Resources of the SCS,
Ana Maria Perez, in which it was explained how the official herself sent him a model of allegations already completed to continue with the contract. Lastly, he contributed the chats with his friend, Osvaldo Lastras, also a commission agent, who had known Conrado Domínguez since they were teenagers and played handball together. According to the prosecutor, that link was the key to executing the failed contract that gave rise to the four million pufo of the Mascarillas case.

Sensitive information

After analyzing all the evidence provided, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Javier Ródenas concluded that Conrado Domínguez
"He was not interested in the public purpose that the contract pursued", on the contrary. The complainant understands that the "purpose" of the steps taken by the director of the SCS with the intermediaries was "particular", that is, a mere way to "avoid possible accounting responsibilities for the investigation being carried out by the UDEF of the Police Judicial and the requirements made by the Audiencia de Cuentas when it was learned that Customs had withheld the shipment of fake masks imported to the island by RR7 United SL ».

The current director of the Canarian Health Service, Conrado Domínguez. /

Juan Carlos Alonso

It is relevant for the Public Ministry the fact that, from March 4, 2021 to July 7, the date on which Conrado Domínguez himself issued the resolution modifying a contract that had already expired, he maintained numerous conversations with his interlocutor Samuel Machín. In them, he first offered him information about how to carry out the failed agreement acting in alleged collusion with Ana María Pérez, then he offered information about the investigation that the prosecutor was carrying out and, also, they talked about how to avoid « future accounting and criminal claims and liabilities.

"Okay," Conrad said.

On March 4, 2021, ten months after the urgent agreement reached between the SCS and RR7 United for the importation of the masks,
Samuel Machín sent a message to Conrado Domínguez announcing that "the masks are already here", to which the director of the SCS responded with a "wellnnn". But this was the beginning of the problems for both, since the material
who arrived from the capital of Ethiopia was detained by Customs at the Gran Canaria airport due to suspicions of its authenticity. “It needs a resolution from the Ministry but due to the state of alarm this can be suspended,” the commission agent warned Domínguez. "Ana does that to you. She is flying to Tenerife, she has just left here," the public manager replied. After several unsuccessful attempts, the SCS sent the importers a document with which they could remove the merchandise from the airport, but Customs continued to hold it.

Machín asked Domínguez for help who, according to what he wrote, spoke
"with the Government Delegation, who spoke with the delegate of the agency"referring to the person in charge of the Tax Agency of the islands.

The 12 questions to be answered before the four alleged crimes of the Anticorruption complaint

Despite this supposed management, the masks were still being held at the airport. On March 21, Samuel Machín insisted again to Domínguez that Ana María Pérez had "commented over the change to FFP3" to justify that emergency contract and that they let them take out the merchandise. "This must be resolved quickly, the intervener tells us that we must request the reimbursement -of the four million for non-compliance- now," Domínguez urged.


In parallel, they were already negotiating a new agreement when they saw that the shipment of fake 3M face masks was going to have to be destroyed. On July 14, the director of the SCS told the commissioner that Ana María Pérez had called him
“to tell me and ask for my approval. She was very happy », in relation to the possibility of bringing a shipment from another brand, but with an increase of 200,000 more on account of RR7 United. An amount he said was
"key to close this"regarding the failed agreement.

“Samuel, we are very worried and we have to make a drastic decision if this is not fixed now”

But two months later, on September 14, Domínguez changed the tone of his messages and showed great concern because the new renegotiated shipment did not reach the islands. "The Court of Accounts sends the file to the Court of Accounts for crimes," the public office alerted the commissioner. “Samuel, we are very worried and we have to make a drastic decision if this is not fixed now,” he repeated on October 13.
«I just saw an email and they have asked us for all the names of the people who have participated in the RR7 operation. Tomorrow I think they are going to the Civil Guard. the thing is ugly [...] I think that after Kings they will be summoned, ”he insisted on December 15.

Masks Case: The scam that was conceived hidden among a “vapor of promises”

«I have called Rayco a thousand times»Conrado Domínguez told Machín, despite the fact that he publicly declared to the media that he had never had contact with the sole administrator of RR7 United in this critical phase of the Mascarillas case.

It must be remembered that the
Court of Instruction number 7 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria initiated preliminary proceedings against Conrado Domínguez and Ana María Pérez for the alleged crimes of administrative prevarication and influence peddling and against Rayco Rubén González -RR7 United SL- for aggravated fraud and money laundering.

More information, this Wednesday in the printed edition of CANARIAS7.

Masks Case: Anti-corruption is sued for prevarication, influence peddling, fraud and money laundering

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