Masks case: Domínguez endorsed Ana María Pérez and her team all responsibility

Statement by Conrado Domínguez on the Masks case. / c7

Before the judge, he said that it was not within his competence to evaluate the solvency of RR7, that he did not have experience in it either and that he did not order or negotiate the second contract.

The director of the Canarian Health Service,
Conrado Domínguez, declared last Thursday before the judge of the case Masks that the responsibility of the file, whether or not the solvency of the RR7 company was verified and the proposal for a second contract after the fiasco of the first was
Ana Maria Perezwho was then General Director of Economic Resources and her team.

Both Pérez and Domínguez himself are being investigated for prevarication and influence peddling in the lawsuit filed by the
Anticorruption Prosecutor. The imputation extends to the employer
Rayco Gonzalez, owner of RR7, who received 4 million euros from Health for a million masks that were never delivered. Rayco González is being investigated for aggravated fraud and money laundering.

In the statement, whose video you have accessed on
scoop CANARY ISLANDS7you can see Domínguez answering the questions of the
Judge Francisco Javier García García-Sotoca and insisting on several occasions that he did not make inquiries about the solvency of RR7 because it did not correspond to him and he did not have experience in such tasks.

Conrado Domínguez, before the judge:

"After your multiple messages,
Did you ever worry about solvency, given your extensive experience in administration?», asked the judge, referring to the messages exchanged with Samuel Machín, an intermediary in the operation and who had agreed a commission for the business with RR7. "No," Dominguez replies.

“That corresponded to the contracting authority”declared the director of the SCS when asked if they took "elementary precautions" about the security of contracting with RR7.

Regarding the two payments of two million euros each being made without having received at least a minimum delivery of the masks, he replied that "the conditions
they were 100% of the payment» in advance, «as in many contracts». At that point, he stressed that he was a
"emergency contract" in a few months of tensions in the markets due to the lack of medical supplies worldwide.

On the 'reactivation' of the contract with RR7 when it had been extinguished by Health after arriving some
fake face masks, Domínguez once again transfers all responsibility to Ana María Pérez. Thus, he says that it was she who sent him the allegations of the company, which raised the possibility of obtaining another model of masks, and that he only intervened so that they were
1.2 million masks (200,000 more), of another brand, although for the same economic amount already paid. "The general director and her team," continued Domínguez, prepared the
proposal to lift the termination of the contract, he obtained, via Samuel Machín, that increase in 200,000 masks and a delivery period of 7 days was set, and they passed the document to the firm and he signed it. The masks did not arrive either.

The judge arrives to ask him if he knew that
there was an exchange of "drafts" of that new contract and Domínguez says emphatically that he did not participate in it. "Ana told me that she had proposed that offer," he sentenced.

Conrado Domínguez: «We have always acted under current legislation»