May 14, 2021

Más Madrid begins its regional congress and will choose in a month its political line, statutes and organic members

The coronavirus pandemic has forced to delay this process called ‘May 2 Process’, since they planned to end Madrid Community Day. With him they want to create a representative body with which they can organize, discuss political objectives and act in case of problems or other issues, after just one year ago that 20 deputies were elected in the Assembly, 19 councilors in the City Council of the capital and many others in various municipalities in the region.

To participate in the regional Congress, it is not enough to be enrolled in Más Madrid. The will to participate in this process must be manifested through registration in a census, which will remain open until the end of the conclave, according to a communication to which Europa Press has had access.

The party led at the national level by Íñigo Errejón is already collecting personal contributions and contributions from the district, municipal and sectoral assemblies to the base document, which will be presented on June 1. The deadline to send said contributions ends May 30. On day 1, some ‘base’ documents will be presented, which may then be amended, partially or totally, and then voted on in Congress.

In a form, the participants in the congress have to respond to a form for the party’s mission and future vision, the election of the directives and the limits of control and incompatibilities of its members, how the guarantee bodies are established and transparency, the party’s economic organization, the development of the program, external relations with civil society, how technical teams and advisers are chosen and what the plenaries and political conferences decide, among other issues.

The date of presentation of amendments from June 2 to June 14, the candidatures for these documents will be from June 15 to 18. The amendments and candidacies will be presented by the assemblies, with a minimum endorsement of 25 percent of each assembly.


The telematic debates will be from June 19 to 21 and the voting the day after June 25 To facilitate the debate on amendments and nominations, Más Madrid will, given the current situation, enable a video channel and documents on Telegram in the to be able to know the proposals; as well as a discussion group in which to contrast ideas and formulas.

At the Autonomous Congress of Más Madrid, coordinated by a technical team, decisions will be made on common regional issues, and will apply to all municipalities. These issues are the political-ideological definition of Más Madrid in the autonomous community and characterization as a political space, the composition of the Más Madrid census and the form of participation in Más Madrid (examples, registered and registered, affiliated and affiliated, if established some definition of militancy and what it would imply, setting quotas or not, etc.)

Also the form of directive representation and management (Co-spokespersons, General Secretariats, powers of the directive representation, etc.), the form of election to the spaces of political coordination that are voted in the congressional processes (proportional systems, majority, iron lists , etc.), the financing method for Más Madrid and the coordination of the autonomous assembly and the sectoral assemblies. Any question not included in these points will be the decision of each municipal assembly.


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