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The main problem with many current video games is wanting to be too many things at the same time. Market trends are dangerous, especially when you have a license like Marvel in hand, where you must respond not only to the most staunch reader of the comic, but to the one who savors every movie in the Cinematic Universe and hopes that the transfer to electronic entertainment will be exactly that.

The difference, like it or not, is that the video game must speak its own language, and Marvel’s Avengers He speaks to us in a rather diffuse language. It is a want and I can not do many good things, but many others that do not work at all. Shaun Escayg, director and writer of the title in an interview with EL PAÍS, that “the challenge is to keep up with the story and get the player to get hooked on the missions and feel they have a purpose.” Unfortunately, this has not been achieved.

Pure entertainment; wasted opportunity to transcend

Broadly speaking, those who are planning to buy this work will surely not be disappointed if what they expect is an individual adventure with which to spend a few hours – no more than ten – entertaining; especially in the first bars, where a dazzling Kamala Khan makes it clear why she is one of the most beloved superheroines of the new batch of young profiles of the House of Ideas. However, as the hours go by, a predictable outcome chain with a multiplayer mode that knows itself as a ‘game as a service’, a series of cooperative missions with random rewards, level increases and equipment that we can improve until reaching the highest levels.

“The video game must speak its own language, and Marvel’s Avengers speaks to us in a rather diffuse language “

The company was not small. If it is already difficult to do the first right, some of which are experts in Crystal Dynamics through tomb Raider, the study delegated by Square Enix for this task ends up losing something that very few asked for, and is to give so much prominence to a multiplayer mode that it becomes the greatest antagonist of the whole. The premise is not bad, of course it is not. In fact, as I said, the first hours are a delight. I’ve been reading Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) for six years, when that Muslim teenager from New Jersey began to stand out on comic book forums with almost the same recurrence as Miles Morales (Spider-Man). Two fresh, inexperienced characters, eager to discover what lies beyond the superpower that they never chose but that they have to assimilate. Two characters that represent a group and a community.

The work of the team of Shaun Scayg and Scot Amos, the two most responsible for the project, is impeccable in this regard: they have managed to capture the essence of each of the characters. Because Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America and, with less success, also Thor, are an accurate representation of both the approach we know to the world of cartoons and that of the seventh art. The virtue, however, comes from having known how to place the player so well in Kamala’s eyes, that he projects himself together with us in the position of the aspirant, of whom he wishes to see himself one day on the other side.

For some design reason, little by little the desire to write something epic out of necessity begins to weigh more on the scale and to constantly resort to generalities, topics that lead to the adventure of a constant sense of repetition. The opportunity to make Marvel’s Avengers a tribute to the figure of Ms. Marvel ends up not being such and, to make matters worse, it does not satisfy all that it could in its will to honor the license on which it works, The Avengers. It is a good starting point for any sequels or stories derived from this expertise; Although the multiplayer mode does not invite to continue playing if what we want is a greater narrative packaging.

Fun in a fight weighed down by serious technical errors

It is difficult to connect the user with a total of six characters in such a short story. Surely, with a more direct approach, which would have allowed us to give more weight in the balance to more concrete elements of the story, that narrative would have permeated our memory more; but it does not do so because when it seems that it is going to explode it gives a full stop to introduce another character and partially leave the previous one aside. I have not been able to understand the phenomenal Kamala and even less know the superficial Thor. The solution to this problem is to dedicate more efforts to individual adventure, but I remember that Marvel’s Avengers He has preferred to focus his efforts on a somewhat disappointing multiplayer mode.

'Marvel's Avengers', when ambition is your worst enemy

The sense of reward is almost non-existent, since the objects that we unlock and the abilities that we can attribute to each Avenger – with special mention of Black Widow, who is very fun to use – hardly affect what is playable: they are almost always mere aesthetic decorations. Cosmetics. Once you reach the highest level in character development, the ceiling hangs over that hero and limits him to a purely visual, sometimes chromatic change. Cooperation is also not denoted in multiplayer games, where each one assumes an eminently individual role. The strategy is conspicuous by its absence and the artificial intelligence of the enemies (a subject unfortunately with room for improvement in many great productions) is more than improvable. All this not to mention the constant technical errors, crashes and performance drops that prevent us from immersing ourselves in the experience.

With everything, Marvel’s Avengers It is a product that the most loyal fans of this license will enjoy, those used to the fact that not all authors and cartoonists sign the best series of their favorite heroes; those viewers who leave the cinema knowing that they have seen better films in this universe … but who accept the result. This video game is acceptable, remarkable, thanks to a terribly satisfying and well-executed combat system. For the rest, it is a missed opportunity. A shame, especially knowing how incredibly talented there is in Crystal Dynamics and how well written most of its characters are. I hope the next chapter will better explore this diamond in the rough.


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