August 7, 2020

Martin Odegaard triumphs in its natural habitat | sports

The San Sebastian autumn begins, but the Royal Society flourishes. Even in defeat. In Nervión, in front of Sevilla, the team of Imanol Alguacil fell, and also did it before Getafe in Anoeta, but in the blue and white followers, the anxiety of not knowing what his team aspired to was installed, like the previous season. Now Real plays the son that marks a young man of 20 years, the Norwegian Martin Odegaard, the player with the highest expectations in Anoeta for a long time, also a leader in his team. “I don't think they are worried about me. They will do their game, they are not affected by the opponent, ”says the attacker, who will meet with the captain of his home club, Sergio Ramos. “It's always good to play against good players like him. The match will be special, ”he says.

In San Sebastián they know that the player has an expiration date, because he is given two courses by Real Madrid, but they believe that his football can inspire a revitalized team. "Before signing it, we already knew what he was doing and how he played," says Alguacil of LaLiga's most valuable player in September, author of two goals and server of two assists. "What has surprised us is the day-to-day work," he adds.

Odegaard seems to have found an ideal microclimate in San Sebastián, a small city with calm customs. “It's a quiet place, more than Madrid. Perfect for me. The people are very respectful. The adults do not stop me in the street, the children do ask me for autographs, but that's fine, ”said the player after the game against Atlético.

The Real had a good ally for the arrival of the Norwegian in the player's representative, Bjorn Tore Kvarme, player of the San Sebastian team in the 2002-03 season, in which he finished runner-up. A few days ago he approached Zubieta along with Odegaard's father, who no longer lives with him. The Real star shares residence with her brother Kristoff. His house, where the central Héctor Moreno lived previously, is in the upper area of ​​San Sebastián, a quiet neighborhood of villas and townhouses, near Anoeta and a quarter of an hour's drive from the Zubieta facilities, where he usually stays at Eat after workouts and crush yourself in the gym. There he sometimes coincides with Xabi Alonso, the subsidiary's coach, from Madrid's past like him. Odegaard, who speaks Spanish quite fluently, intends to master it even better, so right there, before returning home and playing a game at Fortnite, Go to Spanish classes.

After debuting with Real Madrid in May 2015, becoming the youngest player to wear the white shirt, with 16 years and 157 days, Odegaard turned away from the spotlights and from a distance it could seem that his star declined. In Castilla he played 56 games. Later, his family preferred that he end up as a loan in Dutch football, first in Heerenveen and last season at the Vitesse. There were those who already considered it amortized, although in that period he played 20 times with the Norwegian national team.

"As an adult"

But Odegaard felt that he should take another step and returned to Spain, where it begins to be clear that his progression has been satisfactory. "What makes him special is his commitment to the profession," says Roberto Olabe, sports director of La Real, and the man who insisted on his assignment; "His day to day life is worth teaching young people to understand how to prepare for high performance."

With its striking performances, Odegaard is already trading higher. "Now I feel like I'm playing as an adult," reflects the Norwegian. Real Madrid looks at him with a magnifying glass and there is even talk that the delivery time of the player may be shorter than the agreed one, although in San Sebastián they insist that he will stay for two years. The player does not want to talk about a premature return either. He feels that little by little he has grown, but prefers to take the appropriate steps. “My dream is to play at Real Madrid,” he confesses, “but I'm still young and I'm happy here. I will be two years and then we'll see. It is important to have the feeling that they love me and that the team adapts to me. ” Present blue and white, but always in contact with the white club: “They tell me how they see me. Now I have been congratulated for my good start. They are happy with me. ”

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