Marta's parents regret that Carcaño is not allowed to testify

The parents of Marta del Castillo, at the demonstration called by the family to request a repeat trial for the murder of the young woman in Seville, 2019. / Raúl Caro / EFE

They consider that the "ideal" was to let the convicted person speak and they explain that they will continue because "they have hope"


Antonio del Castillo and Eva Casanueva, parents of the young Sevillian for whose murder in 2009 Miguel Carcaño was sentenced to 21 years and three months in prison, have considered this Friday, before testifying in the trial promoted against the young Francisco Javier García, known as El Cuco and convicted of covering up the crime; and against his mother, that "the ideal" is that Miguel Carcaño, sentenced to 21 years and three months in prison as the author of the crime, would have testified in this case.

"The ideal thing was to at least know who was there, what time it was and let Miguel Carcaño speak, let him express himself, because the same thing would recover the little credibility he has," Antonio del Castillo said.

And it is that before the Criminal Court number seven, Cuco and his mother have recognized the facts contained in the indictment of the Prosecutor's Office, according to which as a result of a "concocted plan", Cuco testified "falsely" in the 2011 trial that he had not been on the evening of January 24, 2009 in the apartment on León XIII street where the crime took place; while her mother would have testified in a "mendacious" manner that around 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. on January 25, 2009, she "went into her son's bedroom, she saw him lying down and gave him a kiss."

The moral damage suffered

But this, both defendants have expressed their decision not to answer questions and the judge in charge of the case has admitted the request of the defenses to advance directly to the phase of the trial corresponding to the documentary evidence and the final conclusions, thus dispensing with all the testimonials , like that of Miguel Carcaño, but agreeing to the representation of Marta del Castillo's family that at least the parents testify, although exclusively regarding the "non-pecuniary damage" suffered.

That is to say that finally Miguel Carcaño will not have to testify in the case, despite the fact that the victim's family had expressly demanded his appearance in person.

«This cartridge ends but we can start another. We will continue forward because we have hope”, Antonio del Castillo has stated, insisting on his idea of ​​submitting to the Supreme Court the legal actions initiated by the family against Miguel Carcaño's brother.

To this end, let us remember that last March, the Court of Seville dismissed the appeal filed by the parents of Marta del Castillo, against the order of the Court of Instruction number four of Seville that ratified its previous decision to file the proceedings initiated against Francisco Javier Delgado, brother of Carcaño, on account of the demonstrations in which he accused him of being the true author of the crime, since these proceedings were initially archived in 2013 and were reopened in 2020 at the request of Carcaño's family. the victim.

The 'illogical' new version of Carcaño

«The mere declaration of Miguel Carcaño does not allow to sustain the reopening of the case, and more so when it, as the instructor is in charge of explaining, is illogical, absurd and is not supported by any objective data. In whom there are plenty of reasons of subjective incredibility, an accusation of a crime such as the one made cannot be supported any longer, given his work in the long investigation that he has provoked, in which he has provided at least seven versions, ”determined the Third Section of the Court of Seville to dismiss the aforementioned appeal.

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