Marta Villar, journalist from La Opinin A Corua, wins a Tiflos award from ONCE – La Provincia

‘My mother learns to draw’ is the title of the report prepared by the journalist from A Coruña Marta Villar and published in LA OPINIÓN A CORUÑA in February 2019 winner of an award in the XXII Tiflos Awards of the ONCE. The names of the winners have been known this Thursday, July 16, after the ruling of the pandemic had been postponed and was given by a jury made up of journalists who value reports committed to social journalism.

The organization of these awards highlights that in the section on Newspapers The work ‘My mother learns to draw’ by Marta Isabel Villar Rodríguez, a personal chronicle published in ‘La Opinión de A Coruña’, has been the winner. The jury values the simplicity of a «text written in the first person, capable of making reality visible: Our life can change at any time and force us to face the challenge of having to live and live with disabilities.

Drawings made by my mother with acquired brain damage.

The jury highlights “the capacity of synthesis and the emotion that distills the text, supported by a powerful image such as the drawings made by his mother, with severe brain damage after a traffic accident. Without using the simple emotional resource -the jury continues-, the text achieves precisely that: to move the reader and make him reflect on the existence, life and reality that many families live. The article is deliberately naive, simple and poetic at times, but with a force that makes it impossible to stop reading it, “report the journalists, captivated by the text.

In addition to a report by the journalist from LA OPINIÓN A CORUÑA Marta Villar under the title My mother learns to draw, she has been the winner in the discipline of the written press, the XXII Tiflos Awards have also distinguished journalistic works published or broadcast on La2 de TVE , Radio 5 and the websites and, selected by the jury from more than a hundred works presented.

The awarded they are the program ‘De seda y hierro’, which is broadcast by “La2” on TVE, in the television category; the radio report “The vision of a blind child”, by Margarita Esparza, for Radio 5; and ex aequo on the Internet the web with the report “18 months deciphering the look of Dulce”, by Javier Lacort and Alesya Makarov; and, with the information “Children with disabilities in summer camps: they don’t let you be, they let you be”, by Lorena Gamarra. The prize is 9,000 euros per category.

In TV, the jury has awarded the program entitled ‘De seda y hierro’, by TVE, focused on the reality of people with disabilities. The jury emphasizes that “the reports broadcast stand out for their technical quality and for addressing the issue of disparity with different approaches, reflecting the reality of the daily lives of many people.” And he values ​​the casting of the choice of people, the script and the editing, which manage to maintain interest from the first minute.

He Television and Written Press jury It has been formed by Begoña Galache, deputy director of ‘La Opinión Diario de Zamora’; Chema López Juderías, director from the ‘Diario de Teruel’; Juan Carlos Huerta Abargues, editor-in-chief of the ‘Diario de Ávila’; Yolanda Fernández (Televisa México in Spain); Yolanda Maniega, editor of Telemadrid; Carmen Torres, delegate of Canal Sur in Madrid; Iván Juárez, director TvCyL Soria, la 8; and Gabriel Rubio, from the Agence France Press.


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