Marta Soto travels three of the islands in January with the tour "Miranos" – La Provincia

Marta Soto travels three of the islands in January with the tour "Miranos" - La Provincia

Marta Soto treads the scenarios of the Archipelago next January. It is about three dates of the tour Look at us, title in addition to the first album of the singer from Huelva. On January 18 there will be Marta Soto, at El Búho La Laguna, on the 19th at the The Paper Club, in the Gran Canaria capital, and on the 20th it will be in Lanzarote, at the San Bartolomé Theater. Tickets for these performances are on the singer's website, in the web, in (only for Lanzarote) and also in the enclosures mentioned in their opening hours.

Last August the Warner Music Spain label published Look at us A record with eleven songs by the Huelva-born singer who once dazzled everyone with magical versions of her favorite songbook. With a warm and communicative voice like few others, now enveloped by her own intimate repertoire, Marta Soto is destined to become the great revelation of Spanish pop.

If the music had not crossed her path, Marta Soto (Punta Umbria, Huelva, 1996) would always have been connected to some kind of art, be it photography, poetry or drawing. At least that's what she affirms with completeness, sincere, convinced and simple. Since I was little I had always been attracted to music. Her father had instilled it in her from the cradle. The girl Marta had seen him pick up the guitar over and over again, compose, hum, since she was a little kid: "I liked what I did but I had a lot of respect for music.

Self-taught and always singing intuitively, Marta decided one day to take a step forward. He started playing the guitar looking for the chords on the Internet. I was looking for songs that I adored about the Spanish pop songbook of great artists like Alejandro Sanz, Vanesa Martín, Pablo Alboran or Antonio Orozco. It was his way of rehearsing and learning, but also ignoring his true talent for composition.

"One day I decided to record with a camera to hang it on the Internet, I tried again for the second time, improving it but only to share it with my friends, I had a lot of respect for that and I knew that there was a very high level on the Internet," she says. "But what I did began to have many reproductions, my versions were shared and shared, and suddenly I saw that Facebook had even made events from my videos, I did not expect it," he adds.

In that time dedicated to uploading videos to a simple channel Youtube of versions of songs an unexpected fact arose. "I had uploaded my version of the theme What do you not let me, of Alejandro Sanz shortly after its premiere. It was not usual for me to do that because I had always made versions of songs with more years of life. What I never imagined is that it reached the ears of Alejandro himself, who in turn contacted the people who were already working with me to propose to go to the program The Hormiguero to interpret it. "

The fact that he saw her, says the one from Punta Umbria, "was already incredible". The rest could not even imagine it. "The only thing I thought at that time was 'I can not let you down.' I rehearsed a lot, I was a week without sleep and everything seemed very surreal, this was in April 2016 and it was a before and after in my life. day that we meet Alejandro and I, the only thing I can do is give him a hug and with that hug I will tell him many more things ".

After his performance on television, there were innumerable calls and many offers. At that time Marta began to pay attention to her natural instinct to compose her own songs. It was a very natural learning process, reserving a place for everything, the versions and the own songs.

The album Look at us is produced, arranged and recorded by Dani Ruiz in his studio in San Fernando. "All the songs on the album are mine, original in lyrics and music, but I am fascinated by how Dani dresses them, he is a fundamental part in the process of creating the sound of my songs. Juan Guevara, brother of Felipe, both musicians and producers, together we make pure digital crafts, recording from a distance. It is, as they say now, very millennial, "he says.


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