Marta Snchez’s reflection on her Spanish Hymn – La Provincia

Marta Sánchez It is one of our great stars and has had great themes for more than two decades. The Spanish pop diva has hits that we are still singing. Who does not remember ‘Sola’, ‘Soldiers of love’, etc, etc?

Martísima Sánchez has always been characterized by not go unnoticed and have a large legion of followers and fans for their work.

In 2018 it occurred to him to write the Hymn of Spain, because at that time he felt that way, something that awoke, as always, the division of opinions. Marta was highly criticized, although the lyrics were not controversial at all, but the fact of putting lyrics did: “That was a very controversial moment,” commented the singer. Holy Thursday 2020.

Marta Sánchez sang it but such was the controversy that, although many now remember that song for the moment that we are living with him coronavirus, has not started to sing it. However, he has created a new song together with Carlos Tarodo ‘A Same Heart’ that is generating great expectation and admiration. All profits will be donated to fight against COVID-19 via

It seems that Marta Sánchez does not want to know much about her National anthem Although like many people judged his initiative for bad, many others were delighted.

“Many people thanked me through the streets of all Spain and even … (she remains silent) at this delicate moment they have asked me from Miami, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi and they have asked me why I do not sing it “, acknowledges Marta Sánchez.

“But in these so delicate moments and having come to me this melody so emotional “… leaves Sánchez in the air.

Martísima She is excited with her new ‘Un corazón corazón’: “I want to tell you that this video is not mine. This song is not mine at all, I give it to Spain and to all of Latin America and to all those who have helped me to collaborate on it”


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