May 11, 2021

Marta Sango: “OT is still a reality show where there is a lot of calculation”

The Malaga singer Marta Sango.

The Malaga singer Marta Sango.

-You were the last contestant of OT 2018 to publish a single and then it took 14 months to release the second. It seems that it costs him …

-In the case of the first, ‘For you’, I was 18 years old and I had to take the time to discover how I wanted to sound. I didn’t want to make a business card that I didn’t identify with. I had to find myself and that process was slow, at least in my case. I wanted some quality. And as for the second, it was scheduled to come out in May because it is a song with a very complex video clip. But in March the pandemic arrived and until September I couldn’t get to work.

-Why are you so eighties?

-It’s the music that I like the most and with which I most identify. Although I have not lived it, at that stage I believe that there was a revolution in aesthetics, tastes and expression of each individual. Many barriers in sound were broken with the appearance of synthesizers, which allowed songs to have a plastic tone. We were trying to escape previous trends and there was an explosion of colors and the desire to reinvent ourselves. It was about finding the freedom of expression of each one: people put on the first thing they found and as eccentric as possible. That moved to music, aesthetics, fashion … It seems to me an incredible and superinteresting stage.

-What is your musical idol of that time?

-The King of Pop: Michael Jackson. It is my main reference. In 1982, when ‘Thriller’, the best-selling album in history, came out, it revolutionized everything. It showed that one can do crazy things and that they have meaning because you do it with unsurpassed class and elegance.

-Don’t you mind that I had problems with the law for those accusations of pedophilia?

-Depends on what you want to believe of everything they say. Many things can be invented in order to make a profit. I have been in direct contact with his best friend and with people very close to him. I put music to the Michael Jackson documentary coming out in the spring called ‘Sonic fantasy’. I was lucky to sing with his best friend [Brad Buxer], its keyboardist and composer. I recorded it in a theater in Mallorca. In OT I chose a Jackson song the first time I had and the wife of the director of the video clip liked it a lot [Marcos Cabotá], who is a big fan of OT. Marcos was looking for a singer for that documentary in the US because of the accent and that everything had a match. He wasn’t thinking of any Spanish, but his wife commented that she liked the way I had sung Jackson’s song. In February he phoned me at home to tell me about it and I was freaked out: in June I was already traveling to Mallorca to shoot it. The song I sing is related to Thriller. I can only anticipate that.

-In your business card it says that you belong to that race of empowered women like Lola Indigo …

-Lola is an example of work and improvement. She left OT as the first expelled and nobody expected anything from her. Thanks to his efforts, he is getting ahead, which is admirable. That can be extrapolated to Marta Sango because I have come out of the same format and I have been given the same challenge of breaking the labels of triumph. In that sense, I do feel empowered like her.

-Does he reject OT or does he simply stand out from the dynamics in which those who have gone through that contest get into?

I am proud to have been through OT because it has given me so much. But when you get out of there you have tremendous pressure and you are forced to bring up a topic to immediately seize the opportunity. It is not a direct pressure from a person, but from the environment, from everything that surrounds you: friends, family, record company … You can choose to release the first thing that comes out in the studio, but that does not guarantee you a long-term plan. The other option is to take it easy to build a solid project. They have crushed me a lot with the fact that I have been slow to release a single, but not to leave OT I have to hurry. I want to do things well. I respect my former colleagues who have a different philosophy, but this is a long process.

-Has the bitterness that caused you not being saved four times by your classmates or by your teachers has passed?

-To this day, I’m neither going nor coming. At the time, I felt that I was not being paid attention within OT and that the focus was being projected onto other people. As much as I tried, I was not a favorite and my work was not valued. In the end I made it to gala 11, but on my own merits. No one from the Academy ever saved me. Let’s not forget that it is a television program, and surely there were people who made decisions against me even though deep down they loved it and I was their favorite. But all that is calculated because it is still a reality television. You don’t just pay attention to how you sing. I did not open up so much because I was the smallest, but if I had entered now I would have contributed other things

-How is the album you are preparing going to be?

It will follow the same line of creating a fresh eighties atmosphere. That may sound contradictory, but I want to achieve a very colorful magic and an eighties fantasy that makes you feel the same nostalgia that I feel.


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