June 15, 2021

Marta Rivera de la Cruz leaves Ciudadanos while waiting to return to the Ayuso Government

Marta Rivera de la Cruz has taken the step what has been expected for a long time: she has just left Ciudadanos, where she joined the hand of Albert Rivera in 2015 to attend the general elections as a deputy for Madrid. The former Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid has requested her dismissal as a militant, as confirmed by party sources to this writing. The next step that is expected is for the acting regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to confirm that she is counting on her again for her new government, this time without the presence of Citizens. Its incorporation to the new Executive of the PP would be like “independent”, at least for the moment.

Four of the 18 deputies of Citizens in the Valencian Corts leave the party and go to the non-attached group

Four of the 18 deputies of Citizens in the Valencian Corts leave the party and go to the non-attached group

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Ayuso has shown on more than one occasion willing to recover the former Minister of Culture, which he invited to an institutional act in the middle of the campaign. Of her, he has said that “she was always a collaborator with the rest of the Government, regardless of the acronym, helping in an outstanding way to culture in Madrid in the hardest moments of the pandemic.” “For me he is a person to be close to and I would like,” he admitted, while adding that she does not seek “unwavering adherence” or wants positions “all cut from the same pattern.”

Rivera de la Cruz was a signing of the previous Citizen leader, Albert Rivera. He called her in 2015 to join the project, where she immediately took over the Secretariat for Institutional Relations and Culture. A year later, she entered Congress as a deputy for Madrid, leaving behind her renowned literary career with which she has won several awards – she was a finalist for the Planet in 2006 – as the author of novels, essays and children’s stories. In the Lower House, he chaired the Culture Commission, a position that, curiously, his groupmate, Toni Cantó, had previously held when he was a deputy for Valencia. Shortly after, at the appointment with the polls on April 28, 2019, Rivera asked her to lead the candidacy for A Coruña, a difficult challenge for the Galician journalist and writer considering that Galicia was – and is – the impregnable fiefdom of the PP by Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

In the party it was something evident that the ex-Minister of Culture had long distanced from Arrimadas’s strategy. In fact, he has not participated in the Madrid electoral campaign nor has he supported Edmundo Bal, although during all this time he has been keeping a prudent silence.


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