Marta Ortega: the hope of a revival for Sigrás

We welcome Martha Ortega. For us it is an honor that you come to Sigrás and we invite her to move to live here”, proclaims the president of the O Gaiteiro neighborhood association of the Cambresa parish, Evaristo Canosa. Like many residents in the area, Canosa is confident that the acquisition of the Pazo de Aián by the imminent president of Inditexwho will take office on April 1, will help revalue the area and hopes that the heiress to the textile empire, similar to the behavior of her father, Amancio Ortega, in the surroundings of the country house she owns in Anceis, will also in the municipality of Cambre, is encouraged to collaborate with the financing of projects in the environment.

If the opportunity arose, the first thing that Canosa would ask her new neighbor would be to pay for the work to close the sports court located next to the local neighborhood. “We already have the project but the City Council says it has other priorities, and it is true that there are other investments to make”, points out the president of O Gaiteiro. Canosa assumes that, if the initiative goes ahead, "politicians would learn and not repeat the same mistake as in Anceis", where Amancio Ortega gave a donation to cover the coverage of a track. But, when the complete closure and the transformation of the runway into a pavilion on rustic land was carried out before the corresponding Special Plan for Infrastructure and Provisions (PEID) was approved by the Municipal Corporation, the councilor of Urbanism, Juan González Leirós, and the municipal quantity surveyor. The complaint was archived when the judge saw that the "administrative illegality" committed had been "corrected".

Improve the football field "abandoned and, in one area, full of feathers"located in front of the pazo, on the other side of the road, is another of the requests that the neighbors would make to Ortega, points out Martín Villaverde, a resident of the area. “Normally, in these cases the purchase ends up assuming an improvement of everything in the area. It is better that it is bought and put to use”, points out her mother, Rosa Pardo, during a walk around the manor house with her dog Rex de Ella. The neighborhood president agrees in lamenting the abandonment of the soccer field. "Look what we have left... The lights are still on," observes the leader of O Gaiteiro.

“We are delighted. They are good people”, commented neighbors in a bar near the pazo at noon yesterday. Few showed surprise at the news of the purchase by Ortega of the farm, of 16,000 square meters and that for years was the most expensive for sale in the Coruña area and the second in Galicia, since it went on the market in 2014 for five million euros. In 2021, Ünique Singular Properties reduced it to three million euros.

“They have already paved the road that goes up next to the manor house and have painted the signage on the pavement since they bought it. Let's see if there are more improvements in the area”, comments a resident in a street near the complex recently acquired by Martha Ortega. The Council of Cambre He clarified that this road was included, along with another 50, in a municipal maintenance and conservation plan for municipally owned roads, with an investment of 628,177 euros, which responded to neighborhood requests. “Maybe now they will improve the road for us”, a neighbor wished for the AC-400.

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