Marta Nieto: "We have all felt out of 'sync' with the pandemic, disconnected"

Presents 'Three' on Friday at the Regional Film Library of Murcia after having convinced the critics; has just stepped off the stage after playing Lydia Cacho in 'La infamia', is preparing her directorial debut with 'Son' and, furthermore, is about to premiere 'Feria' in Netflix. Where to start an interview with the Murcian Martha Grandson...

Are you excited to present Tres at the Murcia Film Library?

Of course. Unfortunately, movies usually come out with few copies and it was in the cinema for a short time. It didn't even premiere in Murcia. It is a pleasure to share it there.

It's a different tape. The best adjective that can be said of a film today, right?

Yes. It is surprisingly original. We are used to seeing the same plots told with different people, but not with this movie. What counts has not been seen before.

Is it true that you went after the director for a test?

I heard him make the pitch about this film at a short film festival and I wrote him an email to tell him that I was interested and that he would take me into account when he did a casting. In the end I went to Barcelona and did the test. It is not usual to find such cool and original projects.

Did you feel the nerves of the first times? Does it keep happening to you?

Forever. I'm lucky to know what I want and want to do it. If that happens, I will go for it with all humility.

Marta Nieto with Juanjo Giménez. LOM

Although Tres is science fiction, have you ever been out of sync?

Yes, we have all felt, and more so after a global pandemic, disconnected from each other, from the environment. Looks like we're going off the rails. The film shows the value of stopping and taking charge of what differentiates us from others. It becomes our gift.

There are some parallels with superhero movies.

It is that it begins as a hyper-realistic film and ends up being the birth of Spiderman. It is so, in a way.

How do you make so few copies of such a cool project, as you say?

There has been a crisis in the sector and the pandemic is changing habits. The cinema, as a space, has been relegated to blockbusters and I understand that the production companies are protecting themselves. Viewers are having a hard time coming back. But how cinema is consumed is important. In Tres, in particular, the sound is essential and it makes me a little angry that they don't go to the movies because the experience at home is not the same.

Would you be sorry to release for platforms?

I do not know. I also don't know if what I want is important. What I can tell you is that I love going to the movies and that the experience is not comparable. On the other hand, the visibility given to a project in which you put so much love and work is also vital. The really important thing is that people see it and share it.

"Now I can choose where I put the energy and challenges that make me love this job"

Although it is true that the sector is in crisis, you cannot complain.

I don't complain about anything. I thank you and I feel privileged. We must not forget that, despite the crisis due to the change of model, people are consuming more cinema than ever and I have had a lot of luck. I have not stopped. I haven't had a vacation for three years and I won't have any this year either. I am very happy to be able to be choosing projects that freak me out and working with people that I am passionate about. I get to choose where I put the energy and challenges that make me love this job.

She's in her best moment?

I'm starting to be where I want to be. I am prudent, humble and I have good ambition, desire to not stop growing and working with people from outside. I already have international projects in sight... I'm very happy.

Mother was the final push?

It marked a before and after. It gave me the opportunity to play a complex role in which to demonstrate acting maturity.

Since then he risks more. She has just gotten into the skin of Lydia Cacho in the play La Infamia. It was hard?

It has been exciting. Hard to get into the skin of a woman to whom they have done what they have done, but also very bright. The monologue is very hopeful, although shocking. We are all Lydia Cacho and I want to represent attitudes like that.

What can you tell us about Feria, the new Netflix series?

It is a series of fantasy and horror. I had never worked with chroma key and monsters. It was very playful and I had a great time. It has very original elements: a town in Andalusia, the awakening of some girls to maturity, a sect... It's sure to work.

Did you like the chrome experience?

You have to develop your imagination, the most important tool for life.

Marta Nieto poses with the Italian Edoardo Leo. LOM

He has also made the leap to Italian cinema in Lasciarsi un giorno a Roma. Do you speak the language?

Just as I learned French for Mother, I learned Italian for this romantic comedy that has done very well at the box office. I recorded for three months in Rome after the first lockdown with an amazing crew. I had the city to myself. It was a very crazy thing.

How has it been to get behind the cameras in Son, which will be your first feature film?

I shot the short this summer and I'm already in post-production. I want to shoot the feature at the end of this year or at the beginning of next, but it's giving me a lot of tools to pour myself into writing.

Do you know that sooner or later you will have to take a vacation?

Yes, but I'm enjoying it so much and it seems to me that I'm so lucky... I rest on the weekends that I don't shoot, as I've been in France and Italy, I disconnect. I'm not tired, but I am passionate.


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