Married will prevent governments of the PP from applying the regulation of rents and will resort to the Constitutional

Pablo Casado launches the PP against the new housing law. When the fine print is still not known, beyond the general lines announced yesterday by the coalition government, Casado has announced that they will appeal it to the Constitutional Court. In addition, he has given the slogan that the city councils and autonomous communities where his party governs do not put a cap on rent prices in stressed areas or raise the IBI to empty flats. “That each one does what he wants,” he said in an interview on Telecinco. “It is not going to apply” where they govern, he added, to settle: “It is unusual.”

The new Housing Law is born conditioned by the blockade of communities and municipalities of the PP

The new Housing Law is born conditioned by the blockade of communities and municipalities of the PP

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Married has lashed out Ana Rosa’s program against the norm, the general lines of which were announced yesterday by the coalition government. The PSOE and United We Can have negotiated this law for more than a year, and only the pressure for the approval of the General Budgets has allowed the agreement in the terms in which it appeared in the agreement signed by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias at the end of 2019.

The leader of the PP, in addition, has truffled with lies his criticism of the law that the Executive is preparing, and which still has many months of processing ahead of him. Married has assured Ana Rosa Quintana that he rejects the law because “if you have an apartment with a mortgage because you have saved throughout your life to leave it to your children”, it cannot be that “the Government sets you at what price you can rent it “.

However, the limitation of rental prices will have several limitations, among others that it can only be applied in those areas where rents have skyrocketed (“stressed areas”, in technical jargon) and only for owners who are legal entities (es that is, companies and societies) and that accumulate more than 10 floors (“big holders”).

Casado has also attacked the Government because, as he has said, he appealed a similar rule approved by the Parliament of Catalonia. According to the leader of the PP, then the Executive of Pedro Sánchez criticized the Generalitat for promoting a norm that “attacked freedom.” But that argument was never used. In fact, Catalan law was appealed because it invades state powers.

From ERC it has been systematically demanded that a state law be approved that gives legal coverage to the Catalan. And it has been put on the table, also by Republicans, in the budget negotiation. ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián criticized this Tuesday that the media point out the new law as a triumph for United We Can because they have also participated in the pressure.

But Casado has not only criticized the limitations on the price of rents. Also the reform that aims to raise the IBI to those who have empty flats without going out to the rental market. And it has even attacked the direct aid of 250 euros for young people under 35 years announced by the President of the Government within the framework of the same law.


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