Married urgently asks Sánchez for efficacy and medical supplies because the situation is “desperate”

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has called for “effectiveness” and guaranteeing material resources for the autonomous regions and hospitals because, as he stressed, the situation of health personnel is “desperate”. In addition, it has requested more respirators and “massive tests” for the population to detect the coronavirus.

This was stated after holding a videoconference meeting to analyze the situation of Covid-19 with the presidents of the communities governed by the PP: Alberto Núñez Feijoo (Galicia); Isabel Díaz Ayuso (Madrid); Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León); Fernando López Miras (Murcia); and Juan Manuel Moreno (Andalucía). The president of the autonomous city of Melilla, Juan José Imbroda, has also joined.


After expressing his concern about the number of 20,000 infected and more than a thousand deaths, Casado has asked “please” the “single command” who is in charge of the operation to “protect health personnel” as claimed.

Casado stressed that this is “the first claim” made by the PP “almost desperately” because professionals need personal protective equipment, masks or disinfection gel. In his opinion, if there is a government “with all powers” it is to “centralize purchases, make it effective and reach hospitals.”

“With all our support, but we ask for effectiveness. May the protection teams of our heroes come, who are risking their lives to protect others and need to do so without risking their health,” he claimed, to demand objective criteria for the supply and distribution of “material that has been requisitioned” by the Ministry of Health.


Married has asked for more ventilators for the sick in hospitals; that MIRs can be hired as adjunct physicians by reinforcing physician staff; and that “massive tests be carried out on the entire population, as has been done in Korea and other countries.” Here we need more tests, “it has abounded.

In the same way, the PP leader has defended “harmonizing the criteria to evaluate the number of infected and deceased” before the “disparity” that is occurring depending on the communities.

Casado has affirmed that the increase in those infected “unfortunately coincides with the peak of the mutual concentrations” that occurred on March 8, something that, in his opinion, shows that it was “irresponsible to encourage” to demonstrate on Women’s Day .


In his second block, Casado has denounced the “dramatic” situation in nursing homes and has stressed that, “beyond somewhat inappropriate press conferences” of this situation, the vice president of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias, should expose “which it is the protocol of action “in these residences and also to guarantee protection material to the personnel who work in this social field.

In foreign policy, Casado has asked Sánchez that the consular corps act to help Spaniards who are abroad to return to their homes. In this section, he has claimed that the Army with its aerial means can bring material from abroad, since, as he has said, he is aware that “some international manufacturers require to go to those points to collect it and with an immediate payment guarantee.”

The PP president has also called for security in the food supply, with clear measures for farmers and distributors, who also need protection and unification of criteria throughout the national territory.


In the economic chapter, Casado has once again asked the Government to return to the autonomous communities the 2,500 million that is owed in installments on account and to put in place an economic reactivation plan.

In his view, that plan must include tax breaks and measures to increase competitiveness and flexibility, banishing ideological debates. “This ideological debate on the public and the private is not very opportune. We are all the State,” he emphasized.

In this sense, he pointed out that everyone “should row in the same direction and make no distinction if working in the public or private environment, since the objective is” to defeat the pandemic. “In exchange for the” generous and responsible support “of the PP, has said that his party calls for “transparency and efficiency” given that Pedro Sánchez has “sole command.”


Casado has stressed that the presidents of the PP autonomies – who will hold a videoconference with Pedro Sánchez on Sunday as they did a week ago – have transferred to him that they maintain their loyalty and collaboration with the Government of Spain before all the measures of the decree of the alarm status.

After reiterating his concern about the reputation in the numbers of infections and deaths, the PP president has sent a message of support from the sick, to families and to all health personnel. “We will move forward as we have always done because we are a great nation,” he concluded.


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