Married threatens to denounce Sánchez for disobedience if the Government does not comply with the Spanish ruling in the classrooms

Pablo Casado raises the pressure on Pedro Sánchez. "He will end up being accountable to justice and a parliamentary commission for hiding a pandemic while thousands of Spaniards were infected, as revealed by his vice president [Yolanda] Diaz. I would be protecting myself, "the PP leader has warned the president of the government about the pandemic. But the head of the opposition has taken advantage of the control session to the Government to stoke Sánchez for the refusal of the Generalitat to apply the court ruling that requires 25% of the classes are in Spanish as a result of the case of a family in Canet that has taken advantage of the right wing to intensify its offensive on the right. The leader of the PP has threatened to denounce Sánchez for disobedience if he does not force the Government to comply with that ruling.

The Prosecutor's Office investigates two threatening tweets against the family who requested 25% of classes in Spanish

The Prosecutor's Office investigates two threatening tweets against the family who requested 25% of classes in Spanish

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"I cannot understand how he leaves a five-year-old boy abandoned while his separatist partners say that he should be stoned just because his parents have said that his rights are fulfilled in Canet," Casado has reproached him, who has reminded him that it is his obligation constitutional enforce that sentence. "If you do not do it, we will denounce you for prevarication," Casado said: "If you are turning a blind eye to your votes, the one who would be committing a crime of prevarication is you."

In his first response, Sánchez has made no reference to the case of the minor and has limited himself to reproaching Casado for his attitude - "how many coffees have you already had?" He asked sarcastically. "What callousness! You do not answer anything. It seems normal to you that these totalitarians are attacking a child," the opposition leader replied, who from then on has mixed up the most diverse accusations.

"What is the use of a government that leaves the most disadvantaged stranded: the girls under the tutelage of the Balearic Government who were prostituted and refuse to investigate it, the minor abused by Mónica Oltra's husband while the Valencian socialist government hid it, to a child of a pardoned by you who concealed sexual assaults? ", you have asked in reference to the order of a judge plagued with omissions and half-truths that has denied the pardon to Juana Rivas. "So much bullshit of children and the strike of toys and buns and drawings in Basque but you leave the minors unprotected and, in addition, with your waste you take away their education and the future of pensions," Casado continued before settling paraphrasing to Sánchez himself in 2015 in front of Mariano Rajoy: "What the hell has to happen for you to assume any responsibility?"

"We have just seen a clear example of what the opposition is, the lack of respect that the right-wing bench has for the Cortes Generales," replied the president, who defended that the Government "is focused on overcoming the pandemic and consolidating economic recovery ". "I ask you, again, in a respectful way, something that you do not have, as you have shown here today, that you comply with the Spanish Constitution and abandon the blockade of the Judicial Power," Sánchez concluded, who did not do any in that intervention. allusion to the case of Canet.

It was in response to the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, when she referred to the case. "This is a Government that expresses solidarity with the son and parents of the Canet school. And it is a Government that is committed to democratic legality and that will always state that the final judgments of the Judicial Power are fulfilled. This is a Government that works for coexistence in schools. We will never use the language in any territory of our country. This Government lives, feels and interprets the territorial diversity, the co-official languages, and that will always guarantee the rights of all the boys and girls to be able to be educated and learn all their languages, in the case of Catalonia, Spanish and Catalan ", has expressed Sánchez.

The Government trusts that the Generalitat complies with that sentence and government sources point out that it is up to the court to rule on compliance with the ruling before the Executive activates a procedure for the execution of the sentence.

"He says that because recognizing that he does not intend to do anything to avoid angering his separatist partners would be too sincere on his part," Arrimadas has reproached him, who has denounced the "escraches" against that family "encouraged by the Generalitat." "When you really have fascism and hatred in front of you, you never act," said the deputy for Ciudadanos, who has reproached the Government for not putting in place all the tools it has at its disposal -among which the 155 has cited- and even that the Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, has "washed his hands." "Do not politicize the language or education," Sánchez has asked the right wing.

The PNV has taken advantage of its turn to ask Sánchez to reproach him for the pact with the PP for the renewal of the constitutional bodies, which led the Constitutional Court to two very controversial names: Concepción Espejel and Enrique Arnaldo. "In the agreements, in the end, the difference is to agree with someone who proposes names that one would never have proposed," defended Sánchez, who has insisted on reaching out to Casado to get the Judiciary out of "paralysis". What the socialist has admitted is that proposing a constitutional reform "is not at all pragmatic from a political point of view" taking into account that PP and Vox even refuse to change article 49 to eliminate the term "handicapped."


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