Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Married thanks the “commitment” of Carlos Iturgaiz, new candidate of the PP to lehendakari: “It is a moral reference”

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has given the thanks to the president of the PP in the Basque Country, Alfonso Alonso, for his political trajectory in the game, but above all it has valued the designation of Carlos Iturgaiz as a candidate for lehendakari for the elections of April 5 because he is a “Moral reference” and was the most voted PP candidate in the history of the party in the Basque Country. This was the case in the 1998 elections, where he managed to place the party in second position for the first time.


This was pronounced after the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, officially announced that the candidate for lehendakari will be Iturgaiz and not Alonso. The decision comes after several days of pulse between the leadership of the PP and the president of the ‘popular’ Basques, who disagreed with the terms of the pact closed with Cs to concur in coalition to the elections of April 5.

Alonso – who on Friday did not attend the meeting to which Genoa had summoned him to sign the pact with Cs – has traveled this Sunday to Madrid to speak with the national direction of the PP. Specifically, he has met with García Egea and with the Party’s Territorial Policy Manager, Antonio González Terol, according to ‘popular’ sources. In the afternoon, Alonso has received the call from Casado and he has been told that he will not be the headliner.

“Is a decision that occurs by mutual agreement after speaking the national direction with Alfonso Alonso himself, who has moved to Madrid today, ”García Egea said to reporters, a message he has repeated several times. However, from the Basque PP it has been denied that it is of “mutual agreement” but that it has been imposed by Pablo Casado and that he has been “kicked out,” according to Basque PP sources.

Pablo Casado and Alfonso Alonso. EP

Pablo Casado and Alfonso Alonso. EP

Iturgaiz returns “excited”

For its part, Iturgaiz said, shortly after becoming public that he will be the candidate of the PP + Cs coalition, which returns to politics “excited about Casado’s proposal to lead that union of‘ popular ’and oranges in the Basque elections.

Iturgaiz presided over the Basque PP between October 1996 and November 2004 and for 15 years (between 2004 and 2019) he was MEP of the PP in Brussels. In the elections of 1998 he headed the list of the PP and the PP was “for the first time in its history the Popular Party was the second most voted political force, reaping the best results of the Basque PP in its history”, as highlighted both Casado and Garcia Egea.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of April Iturgaiz announced that he was leaving politics and began a new stage, a decision that announced only two days after knowing the European list of the PP, in which the party had placed him in 17th place, with little chance of getting a seat. The Popular Party achieved twelve minutes in those European elections

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