Married says to exvotantes of the PP that if they return they will not "disappoint" them and sees keys the Andalusians to throw to Sanchez

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has assured this Friday that the Andalusian elections are "key" to be the "first step" to "throw Pedro Sánchez de la Moncloa", given that, in his opinion, if Susana Díaz can not govern in Andalusia the chief executive is left "two news." In addition, he has appealed to the vote of those Andalusians who stopped supporting the PP in the past and has promised not to "disappoint" them, at a time when the scenario is "very open".

In an interview in Cope, collected by Europa Press, Casado said he was presented to the Presidency of the PP to "change things" and added that what he wants is "always win", without going into "scales" about whether it is convenient or not at this moment to be involved much or little in the Andalusian campaign.

"What suits me is to win elections, take the game to the street, stress it, get down to the ring, fight, approach the bull and in this case giving a message that is necessary in Andalusia: I am not promising things that we have not done where we have governed and I am not offering a project that has not been tried in Spain, "he said.


Married has stressed that the PP is the "common home" of the center right and has also asked the vote to those who stopped supporting their political formation in past elections. "Even those who have stopped trusting us tell them that we are not going to disappoint them." Those who reproached us for doing the urgent instead of the important and opted for other political options thinking that this was no longer their party, have returned to serve Spain and make that reformist agenda without complexes that I defended in the PP national congress, "he proclaimed.

Therefore, he insisted that these elections are "key also as the first step to throw Pedro Sánchez de la Moncloa." "I get so involved because it's worth changing Andalusia but also because Andalusia is so important, that if Susana Díaz has to leave the San Telmo Palace, Pedro Sánchez has two newscasts left in Moncloa," he said, adding that this situation would be "unsustainable" for the head of the executive to continue governing with 84 seats and with his autonomy "more important in the hands of the PP".

That said, the leader of the PP has asked that "no one stay at home" on December 2 because "the remains will give many seats" and, that way, can "get the change" in front of the Junta de Andalucía . As he explained, the votes that do not go to a seat and are lost, "benefit the most voted list and end in the funnel of Susana Diaz." "By a few tenths of vote, the last seats that are granted in each province can give a change or continuity," he said.

Once again, he reiterated that he has campaigned on a "national key" because he believes that the future project of Andalusia is "essential for Spain". In their opinion, they can not stop voting at a time when "some want to break" the nation and "end" with the Constitution. "I think that on December 2 we can make history, but not only on that land but throughout the country," he said.


Casado has criticized harshly that the former president of the Junta de Andalucía José Antonio Griñán refused to testify Thursday before the Committee of Investigation of the financing of the political parties in the Senate, especially after they put "an audio of a member of his Government giving 900,000 euros to a culinary training school "in which it was said, has continued, that they would tell him where he had to put" half of that money ".

"And he did not say anything," Casado has criticized, to recall other episodes of corruption such as the one related to the director of Labor and his driver who bought "25,000 euros of cocaine a month." Then, he recalled that the counselor of the Presidency was Susana Díaz and "everything went through his table". "What does Susana Diaz have to say? If she did not find out, bad because if she did not do it as a counselor how she intends to govern Andalusia as president, and if she found out she is lying and hiding it," he added.

At this point, he has denounced the cases of corruption that have affected the Andalusian PSOE, especially the ERE, the training courses or the "black cards" to go for brothels, with "900 million euros defrauded". In his opinion, the PP has to "open doors and windows of San Telmo", know what has happened and end the "negative" news that "embarrass the Andalusians" who are "humble, honest and hardworking" people like the rest of the Spaniards.


After stressing that he has spent 25 days in Andalusia since he is president of the PP in July and traveled more than 20,000 kilometers, he pointed out that they are facing a "historic opportunity" so that after 40 years of socialist government, this community "appears to the world" . It is, he continued, to recover the Andalusian Andalusians with "less clientelism and less public administration."

When asked what he would say to the Andalusians to convince them to vote for the PP, Casado has indicated that he would say they remain "the same" and recalled that the PP has governed the eight provincial capitals and in almost all the large cities of Andalusia , so that "it is not new" on this earth because everything that has governed "has done well". Of course, he said that this community "deserves a good government" and lowering taxes, such as inheritance.

After requesting new general elections in Spain, Casado said that Pablo Iglesias is already "warming up in the band" and the separatists have "spit on" a minister, while his partners from the Basque Country ask for the prison competition. "Better to call elections because we're wrong," he said, to conclude that the socialist government "started being Frankenstein and has become a zombie government."


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