June 4, 2020

Married says that Sánchez “cannot cover his deception” after the pact with Bildu and sees his ministers “in internal war”

The PP leader, Pablo Casado, has assured this Saturday, after the agreement with Bildu to repeal the labor reform, that Pedro Sánchez “cannot cover his deception” and stressed that his ministers are “at internal war”, in reference to the divergence of statements these days between the vice president of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias, and the vice president of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño.

This is how Casado responded to the head of the Executive, who in his appearance at the Palacio de la Moncloa has stressed that the dialogue with groups like Bildu “could have been avoided” if the PP had abstained or voted in favor of the extension.

In addition, Sánchez has said that he sees no contradiction between Pablo Iglesias, who wants to repeal the labor reform in its entirety, and Nadia Calviño, who opposes this repeal, while criticizing that there are formations that see Covid-19 as a opportunity to “overthrow the government” but has warned that “there are four years ahead” of the legislature.


Married has affirmed that Sánchez is President of the Government “because of his pact with Bildu in January” in the investiture session and added that the PSE “governs Navarre thanks to Otegi”, after the abstention of the abertzale formation that made María Chivite president. .

“He cannot cover his deception to his ministers, in internal war, and to the social agents and the EU, astonished at the labor reform. The Spaniards do not deserve a president who lies to us,” the president of the ‘popular’ has stated emphatically. ‘.

Married accompanies his message with a video that the PP has spread on social networks in which he assures that Sánchez is the “only culprit”. In addition, he alludes to the “lies” and “betrayals” of Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE, reviewing some statements by Sánchez or María Chivite in which they assured that they would not agree “nothing” with Bildu. The tape concludes with statements by Arnaldo Otegi, who affirmed that they are already “decisive”.


For his part, the Deputy Secretary for Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, has assured that Sánchez has not “rectified” his pact with Bildu to repeal the labor reform and has devoted himself only to “attacking and blaming” the Popular Party for voting against of the fifth extension of the alarm state. In addition, he has reproached him for not having given the “least coherent explanation” about the “monumental crisis” that, in his opinion, there is within the Government.

“The PSOE must be very divided, the Council of Ministers must be very fractured and Pedro Sánchez must be very overwhelmed if his only strategy and his only argument to defend the pact with Bildu is to attack and blame the PP,” he declared. Montesinos in a recorded audio that the party has sent to the media.


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