Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Married, ready to close TV3 and apply the 155 the necessary time

Married, ready to close TV3 and apply the 155 the necessary time

The candidate of the PP to the Presidency of the Government, Pablo Casado, said today that if he arrives at La Moncloa he is ready to close TV3 and to apply in Catalonia article 155 of the Constitution "the necessary time and in the competitions that require it".

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Married, who has intervened tonight at the Hormiguero de Antena 3 Televisión, has reviewed the main measures he would adopt if he manages to govern after the elections on April 28 with Pablo Motos, whom he has presented with a box of cherry tomatoes from Almería that they have not been worth so that it softened their questions, according to the presenter said to him.

On the problem of Catalonia, the leader of the PP has returned to defend that it would be necessary to apply the law of political parties of 2002 to make illegal the CDR and to modify the law for its financing.

His proposal is a "plan of harmony and unity" to solve the Catalan problem. "The independence movement has loaded Catalonia" and the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez "does not do anything because he needs the votes of Torra", lamented Casado.

He has also admitted that he has proceeded to a "quiet renewal" of the lists to the Congress, which is a reflection of the new team that runs the party, because after two decades "it is good to give opportunities to new people".

Married also has referred to the fall of votes of the PP in the last two general elections and has attributed to the economic crisis, corruption and the "theme of Catalonia."

He has indicated that he has worked with the two former presidents of his party, José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, although he has revealed that he is a native of Ávila and, therefore, his political reference is Adolfo Suárez.

Casado has again explained to Pablo Matos his position on abortion, pensions, minimum interprofessional salary or how to face a new recession and has concluded his appearance in the program playing the electric guitar, an instrument he learned after studying eight years in the conservatory, as he has revealed.


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