Married promises the return of the PP that never left

Eliminate taxes; privatize companies and services; repeal the laws of Democratic Memory, trans, or Celaá; promote motherhood and make abortion difficult; close borders, claim the Spanishness of Gibraltar and host the VI US Fleet in Rota and Morón; imprison the pickets, impose Spanish in the classrooms; ban parties and associations; turn referendums into crimes and introduce rebellion without violence in the Penal Code. And Monarchy. Pablo Casado has exposed this Sunday at the closing of the National Convention his program to seize power and for the PP to return to Moncloa. The usual PP, with the usual proposals and the usual slogans.

Extra chapter of 'Loving in troubled times' at the PP convention

Extra chapter of ‘Loving in troubled times’ at the PP convention

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“We have recovered the leadership of the electoral space of the center-right. Those who came to replace us have been left by the way. The PP is a lot of PP. The choice is not between new and old politics, but between good and bad politics. We are the PP. the only alternative for the future and hope for Spain “. This is how Pablo Casado proclaimed this Sunday the leadership of the party that he has led for three years in a bullring in Valencia that has completed the allowed capacity of 9,000 people, and in whose surroundings hundreds of militants have been unable to enter.

The leader of the party has put the finishing touch to an eventful week of the convention, dominated by the outbursts and problems of the star guests of the conclave, and by the open war between the national leadership and Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The president of Madrid, who threatened to boycott Casado’s big week, ended up redeeming her sins from the stage of the Palau de les Arts, to the discomfort of the rest of the autonomous barons for monopolizing all the protagonism even in an act of contrition that is not more than a truce directed solely at your friend and leader.

On Sunday yes, finally, it was Married’s day and only Married’s. In a one-hour speech and without papers, as he usually does, the president of the PP has lashed out harshly against the coalition government, without expressly mentioning Pedro Sánchez at any time. Nor has he mentioned Vox, United We Can or Citizens. This week’s event, and the end of the party, has been thought internally, to relaunch the leader’s personal project and the brand that serves as his umbrella.

Casado has reiterated his criticism of the management of the pandemic, has blamed the coalition government for the deaths caused by the coronavirus, has accused those who defend the Democratic Memory and the recovery of the Spaniards buried in the gutters of “unearthing the grudges” , has claimed to have been the architects of the Transition and the Constitution, having “defeated ETA”, “breaking the glass ceiling” for women.

“We are fed up with the moral superiority of the left and nationalists who look down on us,” he proclaimed, to express gratitude for what José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy did in the Government, despite the fact that neither of them was this Sunday in Valencia. The photo had to be of Casado and only of Casado. Francisco Camps, among the public, has not been mentioned once in the four hours that the event has lasted.

“Free, equality … and motherhood”

“As soon as we get to the Government, we will launch three major national plans for strategic reforms to strengthen institutions, employment and families,” said Casado, who has reformulated the slogan of the French Revolution. “Freedom, equality and motherhood,” he said. We defend the culture of life. Administrations must be in favor of life; if they have doubts, in favor of life; if resources are lacking, put them to save lives; and if they are wrong, let them do it in favor of life, “he said, without ever mentioning the word” abortion. ”

The president of the PP has promised a “law of concord”, to replace the Democratic Memory, to “vindicate the Transition and reconciliation and really help families to find the remains of their loved ones”, without mentioning where they are , why and who buried them there.

He has also proposed “depoliticizing the regulators, the CNI, RTVE and the Council of State.” Or “to recover the competences in prisons in Catalonia and the Basque Country” for the State, today transferred according to the autonomy statutes, as well as to establish by law the obligation that Spanish be a “vehicular language”. In the “cultural battle” also stands out the creation of a National Museum of History of Spain “next to the Prado and the Reina Sofía” where today the Ministry of Agriculture is located. “Spain does not have to apologize to anyone or anything. They should thank us for our contribution to America,” he concluded.

Eliminate Successions, Donations and Patrimony

In economic matters zero news. Lowering taxes is the PP’s mantra, despite the fact that Rajoy himself demanded Casado last Monday, at the opening of the convention, not to govern with “slogans or dogmas”, and reminded him that he had to nationalize banks and raise taxes.

But Casado has paid more attention to Aznar and has promised to eliminate inheritance, donation and patrimony taxes. “That the money is in the pocket of the Spaniards”, reads the verse.

Another dogma: “Liberalize to the maximum.” No surnames. Casado has proposed introducing the Austrian backpack or “taking public companies mismanaged by friends of the Government to the stock market.” In other words, privatize the remaining public companies.

“Less State, less interventionism,” he summarized. “We are not a replacement or replacement. We go out for all. The change is already here. I want a big, firm, wide, open, united PP that does not go out to draw but to win and govern,” he added at the end of his speech, which has closed with a “long live the PP and long live Spain.”


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