April 23, 2021

Married justifies the renewal in the lists of the PP and calls to the unit to throw to Sanchez de Moncloa

Married justifies the renewal in the lists of the PP and calls to the unit to throw to Sanchez de Moncloa

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has justified this Saturday his "quiet renewal" in the list heads of the party to the Congress before the general elections in April and recalled that there are "other chambers" in which you also have to make candidacies, in reference to the Senate, autonomous parliaments and the European Parliament. That said, he has appealed to the unit because the objective at this moment should be to throw Pedro Sánchez out of the Palacio de la Moncloa.

"I share that need to go together to prevent the PSOE from falling into the grip of those who want to break Spain," Casado proclaimed in an act at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid surrounded by his list heads to Congress. Upon arrival, he has posed with all of them in a family photo.

The National Directorate of the PP has renewed almost 80% of its 'number one' to the Congress with respect to the elections of June 2016 and has not included as headlining any person in the circle of confidence of the ex-vice president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría . Yes it has incorporated three former ministers of Mariano Rajoy: Ana Pastor (Pontevedra), Isabel García Tejerina (Valladolid) and Rafael Catalá (Cuenca).

Given the possible criticism of those who do not repeat as headliners – only 12 of 52 continue – he pointed out that there are more gaps in the lists than "the numbers one" and "other cameras" in which we must also do candidacies In his opinion, they have complied with "the commitment that nobody stays off the hook".


Eight months after arriving at the Presidency of the PP in substitution of Mariano Rajoy, Casado has defended his "quiet renovation" and in veiled allusion to those who speak of "purge" in the lists, he has affirmed that he has included ministers and secretaries of State of Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar as headliners, as well as mayors, councilors and presidents of Diputación.

Married has put in value that almost half of its 'number one' are women and that there is a "balance" between those who "comb gray hair" and young people. It has also presumed to include people with a "territorial leadership" or "sectoral", but also people from civil society, in the party at a difficult time to exercise politics. "It is a sample of what Spanish society is," he said.

Given that they attend the elections in a center-right political space "sterilely fragmented", he stressed the need to "go back together to prevent the PSOE falling into the grip of those who want to break Spain."

"We are representatives of principles, ideas and values ​​that have made the country advance, and that are the vaccine against the risks that threaten our nation," he added.


Married, he has asked his people to be "tremendously proud" of the game and that "no one should waste time" on "fake news". "We went out to open ourselves to the whole society," he proclaimed, to reiterate once again that he wants to be the president of all Spaniards, both those who vote for the PP and those who do not vote for him.

"We are the great party centered, moderate, liberal, patriotic, the great party that has been created, founded and now renewed to continue serving all the Spaniards," he concluded, reaping a strong applause from the audience. After, before leaving the site, in statements to journalists stressed that the PP is "united, proud of his past and above all ambitious with his future."


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