April 20, 2021

Married: "If we want to finance pensions we must think about how to have more children, not abort" | Society

Married: "If we want to finance pensions we must think about how to have more children, not abort" | Society

Pablo Casado, with militants in Cuenca, this Wednesday. In the video, the leader of the PP interviewed by the agency EFE.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has been in favor of repealing the current law of abortion of terms, approved in 2010, and return to the assumptions approved in 1985 by the Government of Felipe González, who believes that it was "consensus" and that "there was no need to change". Married affirms that more than to make modifications in the present law it would change it whole, since it would repeal it and it would return to the law that thinks that it had social cohesion and that, although it was approved by a socialist Government, later it respected the one of Jose Maria Aznar.

The 1985 law decriminalized abortion in the cases of rape, risk to the physical and mental health of the mother and malformation in the fetus, while the 2010 law in force, allows free abortion in the first 14 weeks of gestation. According to Casado, the left, with its "divisive strategy", changed the law of abortion because, since they could not legislate and manage the economy, they dedicated themselves to "dividing" the Spaniards in matters such as historical memory, abortion, euthanasia .

The PP is committed to a "progressive" culture in favor of life. Casado has also warned that Spain is a country with a "demographic winter"that puts the pension system at risk, as well as the health system and public benefits.

"I think we have to make an analysis of what society we are building and, above all, that the left is very bad, if we want to finance pensions and health we must think about how to have more children and not how we abort them "he said. In any case, Casado has considered that in Spain it would be better to stop asking about the law of abortion and start doing it for aids to motherhood, to conciliation, to emancipation, to housing, or tax aid to have children. Because tomorrow, when you see what is left of the pension system and the health system, then "some who call us so protective of the culture of life will begin to think we were right," he concluded.

Married has pointed out that the law proposed by the former Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, and why he finally resigned, is a regulation that "went beyond" to return to the 1985, so although this proposal has its "respect" is not comparable to what would pose now the PP.


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