Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Married exposes a decalogue of priorities in his electoral letter and asks to join the vote in the PP to throw Sanchez

Married exposes a decalogue of priorities in his electoral letter and asks to join the vote in the PP to throw Sanchez

The president of the PP and candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Pablo Casado, has sent to the citizens the traditional electoral letter in which he exposes his decalogue of priorities in economic, social and defense "without complex of the unity of Spain" if he wins the general elections of April 28. In addition, it appeals to "concentrate" the vote of the center-right in the Popular Party to be able to throw to the socialist Pedro Sanchez of the Palace of the Moncloa.

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"I ask you to consolidate the vote in the PP to prevent Sanchez from putting our economy, our jobs and our pensions at risk again, as Zapatero did before, and it is only possible to do so if we do not divide the vote, if we vote together" , says Casado in this party's electoral mailing.

In the letter, which has collected Europa Press, the PP leader stressed that the elections on April 28 are "a key appointment" in which you can "decide" with the vote the "future" of the nation. "In the PP we have renewed our teams and we have reinforced our proposals to represent without compromise the safe bet with which to guarantee not only the historical continuity of our country but also its economic development and our welfare state," he says.


As he points out, one of the main "strengths" of the PP is its "right policy" to ensure economic growth, the creation of employment and the defense of equal opportunities for all Spaniards. With that objective, it promises to lower taxes, favor savings, promote the creation of new companies and help those that already exist. "In order for them to grow and be able to hire more people, especially those small businesses, businesses and freelancers that had the worst time during the crisis," he adds.

In addition, he says that the PP will guarantee "a healthy economy that protects pensions", a "better health, an education in freedom and social benefits" for people who really need it. "It also commits to strengthen citizen security, the fight against irregular immigration and terrorism, as well as turning into "opportunities" the challenges posed by the digital revolution.

According to Casado, for this to be possible, it is "important" that the "change needed by Spain should occur and arrive safely". For that reason, it asks to group the vote in the Popular Party. "Think of the Spanish families, of each of the Spaniards, think of all the people who had a bad time during the crisis and do not want that to happen again." Think of your own family and in Spain. PP, which is a safe value, also for you ", concludes the letter, which is headed with the slogan of the party 'Safe Value' and the image of Casado.


In its decalogue, employment appears as the first priority. Thus, Casado says he is "committed to continue with the policies that have created 500,000 jobs a year." Second, it is committed to protecting small businesses and the self-employed; and for a deduction in the Personal Income Tax of up to 8,000 euros per year per habitual residence or pension plan.

In its third point, ensures that the PP "will guarantee all public pensions and resources to continue raising them, with an increase of between 2% and 15% for the pensions of working mothers with children." Regarding taxes, it speaks of a "fiscal revolution", lowering the IRPF below 40%, and the Corporation Tax below 20%. It also reiterates its promise to abolish the taxes of Patrimony, Inheritances, Donations and the tax of the mortgages.


Regarding the self-employed, fifth point, the PP says it is committed to entrepreneurship and the reduction of bureaucratic obstacles, while committing to create a business or a company "in just five days." In addition, it announces that it will extend up to 12 months the flat rate for self-employed workers.

Regarding education, he proposes the freedom to choose an educational center and says that they will support both public and concerted education, special education, an educational MIR and bilingualism in all public education.

On health, ensures that the PP will guarantee a basic portfolio of services, a single health card for all of Spain and end sanitary tourism. He also says in his letter that the PP defends "real equality of opportunities between men and women" and is committed to promoting conciliation and teleworking, as well as approving a law to support motherhood.


In its decalogue, the PP is also committed to "defending the unity of Spain against the independentists without complexes". In fact, he announces that if he wins, the law will change to prevent the convocation of illegal referendums, or to prohibit pardons for crimes of rebellion and sedition.

Finally, in terms of security, Pablo Casado raises an "anti-squatter law" and a "rigorous policy against illegal immigration." It also promises to complete the salary equalization of police and civil guards, as well as prison officers. "


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