Married does not manage to torpedo the Government Budgets during his trip to Brussels

Married does not manage to torpedo the Government Budgets during his trip to Brussels

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, wanted the European institutions to endorse the opposition of the popular Spanish to the Budgets agreed by the Government and United We can just the day that Pedro Sánchez sought the support of the Commission to those accounts. That was one of the main objectives of the trip that Married made to Brussels yesterday, but according to the declarations of the leaders of the EU it did not obtain that it was fulfilled. However, sources of the leadership of the PP celebrate the visit and put in value the meeting that its leader had with Angela Merkel, which was "very positive" and that lasted for half an hour.

The president of the PP wanted to explain in the community capital that budgets are "very negative" and ask the EU to " that demands as much to Sanchez as it demanded to Rajoy. "As soon as the agreement between the Government and Unidos Podemos was announced, Married got to say about the accounts that "or Brussels knocks down these budgets or these budgets knock down Spain". Yesterday, I insisted on this idea: "I come to talk about the Spanish situation, and the situation is that there are budgets that are going to involve more deficit, more debt and more unemployment," he said before entering the European People's Party meeting.

Married, however, failed to get the Commission to censor the accounts of the Executive, which he accused of wanting to "finance a long election campaign of two years, as happened with Zapatero, to be able to spend 6,000 million euros more on unnecessary promises, and surely unfulfilled, at the expense of the future of the deficit, debt and unemployment of the Spaniards ".

The first impression of the president of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, on the Budgets Sanchez taught him was "positive", according to government sources. In addition, the EU chief executive put in value the Spanish budget compared to that presented by other countries such as Italy.

The "demands" of the EU

Casado also failed to strain the debate on accounts in Spain in the meeting he had with the rest of the leaders of the European popular parties, according to what was said at the entrance of the meeting by one of its main leaders, the also president of the Parliament European, Antonio Tajani: " It is not for us to talk about the Spanish budgets, "he said at the entrance to that meeting, according to explains the newspaper The country.

Previously, Casado had explained his intentions during statements to the press: "I have come to speak well of Spain, of which the EU admired being a reliable partner when it comes to being faithful to the commitment, and for that reason we request that our partners be equally demanding with the Socialist Government that with the Government of the PP If we have grown, it is because we have been rigorous, and that is something that is not happening now. "

The PP president insisted: "Right now the agenda is how Spain is reliable in its community commitments, and our accounts fail what has always been done, go through Parliament before going to Brussels, and what is not logical is that deficit paths by raising taxes are not met ". The statements of the main European leaders show that the EU institutions do not think the same thing.


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