September 26, 2020

Married denounces the chaos of the Government while Díaz Ayuso mounts his live in the middle of the street

It’s bad luck that after seven months without being able to see Pedro Sánchez, you show up in Moncloa to meet with the president the same day that the Government of Madrid offers another spectacle of rubbing the eyes. Isabel Díaz Ayuso counterprogrammed Pablo Casado with ferocity on Wednesday, as if they were two television networks facing each other to death for ‘prime time’. As much as the leader of the PP tries, he has nothing to do with the statements of Díaz Ayuso and the images generated by his government. It is an unequal battle. Santa Teresa de Jesús has already said that “more tears are shed for answered prayers than for those not answered.” Casado wanted her to be elected president of Madrid and since then she has had plenty of time to suffer the consequences.

Casado left for Moncloa with the intention of proposing a lot of state pacts to Pedro Sánchez and answering him with a ‘no’ to all his offers. The president also carried in his pocket an unviable agreement, such as asking the PP to agree to negotiate the budgets and grant him a placid legislature. A pact between the PSOE and the PP is impossible and everything that is said about it is pure noise. Not even to comply with the Constitution, that word with which politicians mercilessly pressure us to highlight how important it is to respect the laws.

Casado refused to discuss the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, which has been pending since the end of 2018. It is not a procedure that depends on the state of relations between the main parties, but an obligation established by the Constitution. But the president of the PP does not feel like it. He affirmed that he does not negotiate because “the vice president of the Government (Pablo Iglesias) seeks a change of regime.” If that were true, it would be convenient for Casado to talk with the PSOE to have a new CGPJ to prevent such demonic designs.

It was only an excuse, as was demonstrated when he cited others, among which was the famous meeting of Minister Ábalos with the Vice President of Venezuela in Barajas. Nothing of that appears in the Constitution, but what difference does it make.

He also spoke of his proposal to create a new public body chaired by someone independent to deal with economic reconstruction “in order to avoid discretion and patronage in aid.” That is to say, assuming that the government is so corrupt that it will keep all the money that comes from Brussels to spend on whims. Anyone would say that this management should be the responsibility of the Government, especially the Ministries of Economy and Finance. He did it with such intensity that some journalists at the press conference believed that it had already been decided. Later, the government spokeswoman took them out of the confusion. That was just something “accessory” and “anecdotal”.

Apparently, the appointment of Casado and Sánchez was useless. The former recovered all its known criticisms of the Government for its response to the pandemic. Those that are real and those that were invented. “The INE and the Carlos III Institute continue to doubt the official death toll,” he said, which is false. These two organisms measure excess deaths, a statistic that is also collected in other European countries. It is not a count that is made to respond to the official record, but rather it is carried out every year, and the current one is used to measure the real impact of the pandemic.

María Jesús Montero’s response was thunderous. “Everything that Mr. Casado talks about is offensive to this Government.” They don’t seem to be close to an agreement. Regarding the veto to the renewal of the CGPJ, she said: “We have heard her in this room say without blushing that she does not intend to comply with the Constitution.” According to the version of the Government, the PP “is installed in the front, in the confrontation.” If success in the fight against coronavirus depends on some kind of consensus between the left and the right, we can now make an appointment at the hospital.

They asked Casado about the latest outburst of Díaz Ayuso, outraged because Fernando Simón commented at a press conference what we all know, that Madrid has led the last wave of infections in the last two weeks, as it happened in spring. He preferred to invent an alternative reality: “When this statistic was headed by Aragon three weeks ago, it was not a subject with much focus. When it was Castilla-La Mancha that had the relative figure in terms of population with the worst mortality and contagion, also in residences, the focus was not put either. ” At the end of July and beginning of August, everyone was talking about Aragon, since their data was horrible. The difference is that the president of that community did not denounce a campaign or say that all the other CCAA envied him.

While Casado spoke in Moncloa about how badly the envious treat Díaz Ayuso, the media offered the images that exposed both of them. The night before, the Madrid government unexpectedly notified thousands of teachers to summon them for serological tests as of Wednesday. In one of the chosen centers, hundreds of teachers queued without it being possible to keep the safety distance as the presence of too many people at the same time has been claimed. The Ministry of Education chose for blaming them.

No one knew why they had not been warned in advance. If it was pure improvisation or because the beginning of the school year is over. The tests ended up being suspended so that the agglomerations did not continue, which were not giving a very good image. The Minister of Education denied it and decided to play with the words: “The tests have not been suspended at any time. The citations of some people who were cited late in the morning have been reorganized because they have gone more than expected.”

The directors think that in case of problems they can get away well if they are imaginative in their statements, as is the case with their president. But for everything you have to know. How not to admire Ayuso’s self-confidence in an interview: “Throughout the course it is likely that practically all children in one way or another have it (the coronavirus). But because maybe they have been infected during the weekend at a family gathering, or in the afternoon in the park or from a partner. It is not known, because the virus is everywhere. “In all places, except those that are the responsibility of the Government of Madrid.

Sooner or later, you are all going to die. Some before others. Why so many worries about going back to schools.


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