Married claims before Aznar the governments of the PP two weeks after breaking with the past

Just two weeks after announcing the break with the past of his own party after the debacle in the Catalan elections on February 14, the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, who then raised a process of re-foundation of his political training –including departure from the historic headquarters of Genova street Madrid – has returned to vindicate this past Tuesday that he said he wanted to get rid of. He has done it before one of his protagonists, the former president of the Government José María Aznar.

Aznar, about King Juan Carlos: "If the person representing the institution does not believe in it, why should others believe?"

Aznar, on King Juan Carlos: “If the one who represents the institution does not believe in it, why would others believe?”

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In an act to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the current president of the FAES Foundation to Moncloa, Casado recalled that “this year coincides the silver anniversary of the first popular government and also the 10 years of the second popular government, when he arrived Mariano Rajoy to the Presidency of the Government “. In his opinion, “the four legislatures have been able to fulfill what a politician always wants when he reaches a position of responsibility and that is to leave him better than he has found it.

“Those who intend to divide the new generation of the PP with our predecessors are pricking to the bone,” assured the leader of the PP just 15 days after announcing his break with those predecessors. “From today this direction is not going to give explanations on any past issue”, assured Married on February 16. However, the president of the popular has recalled this Tuesday that, in 2018, when he won the firsts that made him leader of the PP, he was “proud” of the legacy of Aznar and Rajoy. “That is compatible with trying to eradicate any non-exemplary conduct,” he said, to try to limit that break announced two weeks ago to the field of corruption.

Before Aznar, his political godfather, Casado has given all kinds of explanations for the successive electoral defeats suffered by his party since he was president. He has assured, for example, that his predecessors, both Aznar and Rajoy, “had seven years to consolidate a project,” alluding to the time they spent in opposition before arriving at Moncloa.

The reasons for the recent defeats of the PP

“Aznar’s PP has to take his party where the majority is, centered. An old party, like the Popular Alliance, had to move towards that reformist and liberal center. What I have to do is just the opposite. I have to move the social majority to the centrality, transversality and moderation of the party, because we are in an absolutely polarized Spain. It is no longer a matter of blowing the cornet and telling the party we are going there, it is a matter of ringing the bell and getting that that silent, calm majority, but now polarized in the extremes, return to the PP. Even resist those siren songs or those who try to force us to move from the space in which the PP has never ceased to be, which is the reformist liberal Europeanist and constitutionalist center right “, explained Casado, without directly mentioning Vox but in clear reference to the extreme right.

Casado has regretted that there are “some” who tell the PP that it has to get closer “to Sánchez and say yes to everything”, while “others” tell them that they have to get closer to “the populist extremes” to try to disguise themselves “from them. when they are when they try to imitate the PP “. “The bankruptcy of the PP vote that occurs since 2015 is not by disappointment, but by imitation. It is not that the electorate does not feel comfortable with the values ​​of the PP but that they are missing,” he added.

For the current president of the popular, at the time of Aznar, “the difficulties” that the PP had to face was “more than modernizing a party.” “It was not a question of threats in other parties,” he said. In addition, Casado explains his defeats in the “change of political times.” “The media have to report every hour. It is not that politicians are past back, we do the same, but what we do is reported every hour. a disintermediation, immediacy and distortion of the political discourse “, has settled.

In addition, for Casado, “unlike what happened in the 90s, now a serious and responsible party is not in fashion.” “When Aznar went to the Complutense and was acclaimed it was for sheer good sense and the credibility that the game offered. Now it is not like that but we do not care, because we continue to want to be a reliable party,” he concluded.

Aznar: “In 1996 we had worked to unite the right”

Before his intervention, Aznar had tried to instruct his political godson on what he must do in order, like him, to one day be able to win the elections. In 1996, he said, “there was a real alternative because they had worked to unite everything to the right of the left.” “We were part of the history of the democratic transition and we are part of the constitutional history of Spain. We come to continue the history of Spain, we did not want to alter the constitutional principles or alter basic consensus but rather to reaffirm them. It is built on what exists. , and what exists is built, changed, reformed, changed “, he concluded.


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