July 7, 2020

Married challenges Sánchez to go to Lugo with “solutions for the future” for San Cibrao and its workers

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has been “very concerned” about the crisis in the Alcoa-San Cibrao aluminum plant in Cervo, and has challenged the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to go to Lugo with “solutions for the future” for the more than 500 workers affected by the layoffs.

This is how Casado said this Monday, after making a visit to a dairy farm in the parish of Sisoi, in the Lugo municipality of Cospeito. There he has been in the company of the provincial president of the PP and head of the list in the Galician elections of July 12, Elena Candia, of the secretary general of the PPdeG, Miguel Tellado, and of the Minister of Rural Affairs of the Government of the Xunta, José González .

In this context, the national leader of the popular has confessed that he was “offended” that Sánchez visited Ourense during a campaign rally over the weekend “and did not speak of Galicia.” Specifically, Casado has made it ugly that he did not refer to Alcoa, nor to the thermal power station of As Pontes (A Coruña), nor to Ence in Pontevedra, nor to PSA in Vigo, nor to all the coastal infrastructures “that in so many towns are concerned “about the processing of the new climate change law”.

“So why is he coming to Galicia? Why is he coming? To insult Feijóo? To insult me? The truth is that what worries him is that he is so edgy, he is angry,” said Casado, to later recall that he met with the works council in December in his office and in March at the Cervo plant itself.


In fact, the PP leader has reported that the president of the Xunta and candidate for reelection on 12J, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, called him before the general elections on November 10 to ask the party to “put a statute on the program of the electrointensive industries “.

And it is that, as he has explained, that of the San Cibrao aluminum plant “is not only an industrial problem, it is also about energy competitiveness”, an issue that is the responsibility of “the State”.

For this reason, he has asked Sánchez “not to hide in the burladeros”, but to “take the bull by the horns” and offer “a solution”. “That Sánchez come to Galicia to propose solutions for his industrial sector, his primary sector and his tourist sector”, he has claimed.

In addition, Casado has referred to the Nissan factory in Barcelona, ​​whose closure is also due to the fact that the President of the State Executive “did nothing.” On the opposite side he has placed the management of his party when he governed, which – he has stated – “did his homework” not only with Nissan in Ávila, but also with Ence and As Pontes.


Likewise, he has reaffirmed that if the electrointensive statute was present in the PP’s electoral program for the 10N, it now remains in the party’s “line of action”. “We think that it is possible to compete in energy costs. What we have to do is talk about inter-Pyrenean connections, see what type of electricity generation is profitable, keep pace with the whole environmental issue with deadlines that are not so harmful to the industry and to employment … In short, everything that the countries of the European Union are doing, “he suggested.

To this he added that Spain is a country “leader in renewables” – an achievement he has attributed to his party – and that this must be “compatible” with the As Pontes thermal plant, which “already has the technology” in order to continue operating, and with Alcoa “having an interruptibility auction and acceptable energy costs to continue producing.”

“This is the request that I make to the Socialist Party, in addition to what the candidate for the Xunta has proposed for the PP,” he added, despite the absence of Feijóo himself, who has set aside his campaign agenda to prepare for their participation in this Monday’s debate on Galicia Television with the rest of the 12J candidates.

Not surprisingly, Casado has assured that the Galician president “has not been able to do more”: “I have been listening to you talk about Alcoa here, in Santiago, in Madrid, in Brussels, and in the United States with the multinational for years, or at least months And now it’s Pedro Sánchez’s turn. “


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