Married, Ashtrays and Gamarra reach an agreement on PP Rioja candidates

Married, Ashtrays and Gamarra reach an agreement on PP Rioja candidates

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado; the president of the Government and of the popular Rioja people, José Ignacio Ceniceros, and the mayor of Logroño, Concepción Gamarra, have reached an agreement on the candidates of this political formation to the Executive of La Rioja and to the Consistory of the Rioja capital.

Sources of the PP of La Rioja have indicated to Efe that the agreement has taken place during a meeting held this afternoon in the Riojan city of Haro for three hours, which was also attended by the deputy secretary of Organization, Javier Maroto, and the secretary general of the popular Rioja, María Martín.

The names of the candidates for the Government of La Rioja and the Municipality of Logroño in the elections of next May will be announced tomorrow, day 28, in an event convened in Logroño with the presence of Casado, who will also take stock of the political year.

During the last days, the forecast that Casado gave today to know the name of the candidates from the Rioja PP has been considered, which has not happened, but has been in Pamplona to present those who will lead the popular lists to the Regional Government and the City Council of the Navarre capital.

After this act in Pamplona, ​​Married and Maroto have moved to Haro, where the meeting has been held.

It is expected that Ceniceros will be the candidate for the Presidency of the Government of La Rioja, a position he has held since July 2015, after Sanz Alonso, who held this position from 1995 until that date, resigned after failing to maintain the absolute majority that had achieved during his mandates.

The biggest discrepancy, according to sources of the PP, has occurred in the mayoral candidate of Logroño, which Gamarra has occupied since June 2011 and, in this last term, with an investiture agreement with Ciudadanos after losing the absolute majority, just as occurs in the La Riojan Government.


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