Married agrees with the councilors of Agriculture of the PP require Planas initiatives in defense of the Spanish countryside

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has agreed with the councilors of Agriculture of the autonomous communities that governs the PP require the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, “initiatives inside and outside Spain” in defense of the interests of farmers and ranchers . In addition, they consider that there should be a review of the tax regime to reduce labor and fiscal costs that affect the Spanish countryside.

In this way, Casado has coordinated with his advisors the position of the PP before the sectoral meeting of Agriculture convened by Planas in the Ministry on Wednesday. This meeting, at the headquarters of the PP, was also attended by the Deputy Secretary of Territorial, Antonio González Terol, and the Deputy Secretary of Sectorial, Elvira Rodríguez.

The PP considers that Planas, which it sees “now diluted” by losing part of its powers to the detriment of Vice President Teresa Ribera, must explain what changes are proposed in the Food Chain Law and in what period. The PP also requires a review of the tax system to reduce labor and tax costs that affect the Spanish countryside, as reported by the party in a statement.


Casado and the PP advisors believe that Planas should clarify how he will defend the tariff policy by “weakening the relationship with the US and questioning the application of European legislation allowing the number two of Nicolás Maduro to land in Barajas and be received by the minister Open them. “

They have also expressed their “concern” about the negotiation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), since, in their opinion, the Ministry has no “political regret.” Therefore, they want Planas to promote “initiatives inside and outside Spain” in the defense of the interests of farmers.

The PP believes that the Government of Pedro Sánchez “has turned its back on the Spanish countryside” and must “fight for Spanish farmers and ranchers in the European Union”, following “the example of Loyola de Palacio, Miguel Arias Cañete and Isabel García Tejerina “.


Last Sunday, after visiting the greenhouses and orchards in Villa del Prado (Madrid), Elvira Rodríguez justified that “the farmers raise their voice” in the face of rising production costs and regretted that the Government “now remembers them to make negotiating tables and not when tariffs with the US were discussed. “

Rodriguez, former Minister of the Environment and former Secretary of State for Budgets, said that the PP “cares about farmers”, a sector that “has lost 50,000 jobs in a year.” As he added, the latest quarterly estimate of the INE indicates that agriculture has lost 6% in all of Spain’s wealth.

This Wednesday, in the control session to the Government in Congress, Planas has claimed that the Government works “honestly” with professional organizations, cooperatives, the production and distribution industry to address the “serious problem” of “volatile and low prices that farmers and ranchers perceive “and” for achieving a good CAP to support them “.


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