Married, about euthanasia: "This problem does not exist" | Society

Married, about euthanasia: "This problem does not exist" | Society

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, explained on Tuesday why his party will submit an amendment to the totality against the euthanasia bill. "This problem does not exist in Spain. PSOE is expert in removing problems that do not exist to divide the Spaniards with their most intimate beliefs and reopen wounds 50 years ago, "he said, alluding to the law of historical memory.

Married, who has made these statements in an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press, has pronounced like this after the popular ones have opted to disinter in the Congress the PSOE law proposal to regulate euthanasia in Spain. The purpose of the training led by Casado is not, however, to make it easier for patients suffering from an incurable disease to shorten their lives, but quite the opposite: to make visible their rejection of the regulation of this medical practice and to mark a confrontation with the socialists

The popular has diverted the question to the living will and the therapeutic fierceness. "What we want is that there is no therapeutic festering in the Spanish health system, that families and the sick can decide to what extent they do not want their life to be artificially prolonged," he clarified.

"This is the model of most of the countries around us, the one proposed by the PSOE is the model of the Netherlands, but the families have to have the freedom to decide and the doctors, the freedom of conscience not to have to apply laws that politicians do, we have to legislate on what is necessary, not get into homes and people's conscience, "he insisted.

The initiative was launched by the PSOE last spring and taken into consideration by Congress in June. After several extensions requested by the PP, today ended the deadline for the presentation of amendments to the whole and Casado has decided to enter the debate squarely.


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