Marriages before a notary public break their record with 13,258 weddings in 2021

Marriages before a notary public break their record with 13,258 weddings in 2021

The Voluntary Jurisdiction Law increased their powers and gave them the capacity to act in weddings, separations or divorces, previously reserved for other authorities.

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Last year the
notarized marriages They broke their record with the celebration of 13,258 weddings, 109% more than the previous year, marked by covid-19, according to data from the General Council of Notaries.

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the entry into force of the Voluntary Jurisdiction Law, the General Council of Notaries has published the data of the acts carried out from 2015 to the first quarter of 2022 related to said regulation.

The law entailed an increase in the powers of notaries and gave them the capacity to act in acts such as
weddings, separations or divorcespreviously reserved for other authorities.

Since its publication, notaries have carried out 171,756 acts of voluntary jurisdiction, 56,829 of them corresponding to the celebration of marriages and 56,490, to divorces or separations.

According to a statement made by the spokeswoman for the General Council of Notaries, María Teresa Barea, this "has allowed the
dejudicialization of certain non-contentious matters that has unloaded the volume of work of the courts, ensuring greater ease and agility«.

Of all the annual exercises, the increase in the celebration of marriages after the covid-19 crisis stands out.
In 2021 a record was broken and during the first quarter of 2022 these types of links continued to increase: 3,210, 108% more than in the same period of the previous year.

During this period there have also been
2,785 divorce or separation deeds.

Family acts represent 71% of all acts of voluntary jurisdiction carried out since 2015, followed by those related to inheritance with 45,949, and those related to obligations and conciliation with 3,789 between both

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