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Marriage in Puerto Rico had problems with alcohol - La Provincia

Marriage in Puerto Rico had problems with alcohol - La Provincia

A few minutes after ten o'clock yesterday morning, L. E. A, a 45-year-old Swedish man, called the 112 to indicate that his wife, Maria V., also of Scandinavian origin and of 42 years; He had died inside the apartment where they both resided in the tourist town of Puerto Rico for natural causes.

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When the Civil Guards went to the place they found that the corpse presented blows, reason why the Judicial Police initiated an investigation that has been settled so far with the arrest of the husband as alleged perpetrator of a homicide in which everything points to a new case of macho violence, the first on the Island this year. On the causes of the crime, the first indications point to that they are related to the fact that both supposedly had problems with alcohol.

In the Los Junquillos complex on Roque de los Muchachos street in the municipality of Mogán reside mostly foreigners. Tranquility is what reigns throughout the day on the steep slope on which dozens of houses with views of the sea sit on terraces. Teide. The death of Maria V. did not even break that existing calm. Shortly after half past ten in the morning, the president of the community received a message from one of the residents informing him that Maria, a Swedish citizen who had been living for approximately one year in one of the homes located in the lower part had died.

Nothing seemed strange to them. She was a sick woman, although they did not know what. They had seen her worse over the past few months, with some upswings of improvement when her mother spent a season with her on the island. However, when her husband returned after a few months of absence his health worsened. He could barely move. "The husband had to help her for everything because he could not even climb the stairs, it took him 20 minutes to do it," said a German couple yesterday. It was lean, according to the residents, who were only about 40 or 50 kilos in weight. This worsening of Maria's health was also reflected in L. E. A. "When he came back from his country he was very strong, but after a month he was deflated, he was very weak," commented the community president.

The same neighbor who had informed her of the death of the resident was the one who shortly after gave her another information. The president asked him what had happened through a message on his cell phone. "He answered me that illness and alcohol", in relation to the problems that, according to neighbors and sources close to the investigation, both had with the drink. On the other hand, they claimed that they were not aware of problems in the marriage. There is no record of fights or arguments. The Civil Guard It is also not aware that there were any complaints gender violence. The couple was one more, which went unnoticed if it were not for the lack of mobility of her and the usual presence of ambulances to move her to health centers.

The corpse had been found by L. E. A. Everything pointed to a natural death, although when they appeared the Civil Guard agents found that the body of Maria counted on numerous blows throughout the body. This alerted the agents, who informed the comrades of the territorial team of the Judicial Police of the post of Puerto Rico and the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Commandery of Las Palmas.

Also, a forensic examiner who analyzed the body of the Swedish woman was introduced to the site. The agents relied on the doctor's assessment, who indicated that the body had signs of violence. This report, together with the indications collected by the civil guards, led to the arrest of L. E. A. as alleged perpetrator of a homicide crime, as reported last night by the Las Palmas Command.

More than a dozen civil guards remained in the complex throughout the afternoon. The objective was to collect the maximum number of tests in order to close the investigation. During the morning of today, it is expected that the agents of the Judicial Police will return to Roque de los Muchachos street to collect more clues. Among them, the recordings made by the seven security cameras that have the Los Junquillos apartments, which will indicate when they left for the last time both of the house and the last movements they made before the death of Maria V.

Third victim in the Islands

The investigation is pending of the autopsy that will be carried out during the morning of today to the corpse in the Institute of Legal Medicine of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where it was transferred. It will be the Delegation of the Government in the Canary Islands that determines if it is the third sexist murder that takes place this year in the Archipelago, the first in Gran Canaria. The first one occurred in the New Year, when the boyfriend of the Paraguayan girl Romina Celeste Núñez assured that she was found dead in the apartment where they lived in Costa Teguise, burned his body and threw it into the sea on the coast of Lanzarote. The second case happened on January 16 in La Laguna when a man embedded a car against a pole and then set fire to his partner inside.


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