August 3, 2021

Marquez wins the Dovizioso style

Marquez wins the Dovizioso style

Marquez had a little thorn in the direct duels with Dovizioso. The Italian had won him several lately applying always the same recipe: stopping more in the last corner and entering inside while his rival was long. But the head of Marc is a small computer with many gigabytes of memory, which give to leave the World Cup practically sentenced and in passing, apply to your enemy a small revenge. This is what 93 did this morning (Spanish time) in Thailand: winning the race, conceding the first match ball in fifteen days in Motegi and defeating Dovi in ​​the purest Dovizioso style.

The two have reached the last turn matched, as on other occasions, in which Ducati was always victorious. The script seemed the same, until the talent of Márquez has decided to give a radical turn to the plot. This time the one that has braked better has been the Spanish, squeezing the Honda to the maximum, to let Andrea pass by and take advantage of the inside of the curve. Afterwards, we only had to open gas and make a horse to cross in first place next to the checkered flag. Meanwhile, on the wall, the Spanish team celebrated especially, as is the case when only a handful of points separates them from the fifth MotoGP title in six years.

The mathematics is with that of Repsol Honda, which now has 77 points of advantage with one hundred still to be dealt. This means that it is enough for Marc to keep this difference in Motegi to allow himself to start the party. Could in Japan, like the year, last, surely in that little karaoke near the Narita airport that has become a regular celebration place for Marquez and his troop.

He did not need to risk, but everyone knows that betting is going on the DNA of Cervera. He had been the first driver to set the pole in Buriram, in a new circuit for the championship, and he was not going to miss the opportunity to be the one to leave his name among the winners before anyone else. The race was as expected, in the background, long-haul, in which it was necessary to keep tires and energy for the final part under a scorching sun. More than fifty degrees on the asphalt and all the important ones with hard tires both front and rear. Rossi looked with better feelings and was the first to open fire. He could get the desire of juvenile who spends at age 39 and after half the test knew that the fourth place was going to be the biggest booty possible. Quite the contrary that his companion Viñales, from less to more and third tenant of the podium to break at least the streak of four races without going up to the box for Yamaha. At some time dreamed of victory, although the truth is that this honor was only available to the two strongest today.

Dovizioso works hard to extend the outcome as much as possible and gives clues to its strength for the future. The problem is that his previous mistakes are an excessive burden and only enough to give as much emotion as possible to a title almost decided. He showed that his pace was good and easily took the head. In the last five laps he stayed in intimacy with Márquez, who in various curves took measures to the duel that was coming. He tried it and tried it for the necessary space, one of those hands-to-hand that differentiates the thrill of motorcycles from the boredom of Formula One.

The most convoluted part of the circuit of Buriram is the one that was going to distribute the positions and it was the last curve concretely the one that had the honor. Dovizioso went with everything and Marc dressed in Italian to wait and get inside. The medicine that he had been given other times was applied by him, who loves to gain with added value. The one this morning was double: put the World Cup in a shot and remind Dovi that he must change the lesson because he has already learned it.


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