April 15, 2021

Marquez gets back on the bike after his operation

Marquez gets back on the bike after his operation

The most boring winter in Marc Márquez's career is about to end. Maybe the cold continues longer, but he can start having fun again. Here are the first images of his return to the motorcycle after a long recovery from the operation he underwent in December to repair his battered left shoulder. An intervention that according to his own words was harder and more invasive than expected, since the injury was worse than even doctors expected. It was necessary to do a strong reconstruction so that the articulation does not return to dislocate and after leaving the operating room he has had to suffer together with his physiotherapist.

"There were days that hurt a lot and although I'm always kidding I felt bad, I even preferred to stay a couple of days longer," Marc acknowledged. presentation of the Repsol Honda team in Madrid. There were moments that I was not for jokes, but little by little it is seeing the light. He already showed his first bike training on social networks and here are the images of his return to the bike, even if it is a smaller one. It was about putting on the monkey again and recovering feelings. "Look like that I'm going to shoot the new monkey and it will be ready for Malaysia," he says in the video, delighted because "he returns to play motorcycle".

They were just a few laps that helped him confirm when his shoulder hurts the most and what recovery exercises should influence. Next week he will test the Honda in Malaysia in the first pre-season training, and although with care, he will be able to advance in the development of the bike. Lorenzo is still out and this session will be lost, so "someone had to get up and try some pieces", admitted Márquez. The goal of both is to arrive in the best possible way to March 10, the day on which the curtain opens of the 2019 championship in Qatar.


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