Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Marquez fails in Austin and Rins wins fighting with Rossi

Marquez fails in Austin and Rins wins fighting with Rossi

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In Austin, the unexpected happened, the unthinkable, what nobody imagined. Suddenly, in a blink, what was going to be the seventh consecutive victory of Marquez in Texas seemed to become a new victory for Rossi, but finally everything led to the happiest day of the sporting life of Alex Rins. He took the glory of winning for the first time in a site that was owned by Marc and, in addition, he did it by overcoming a myth, the pilot that as a child he idolized without blinking in front of the television. Rins debuted in MotoGP defeating the last two great legends of motorcycling, in addition to becoming, in passing, a possible candidate for the title this season. MotoGP completely turned around with the fall of Márquez, who neither won in his American garden nor will reach the appointment of Jerez as leader of the championship. In return, he will land in Europe the first weekend of May with a desire to rematch, the He did not allow yesterday his Honda, which refused to start when he tried to stand and look for the comeback. He picked up the bike and fell back, overwhelmed by the desire to grab a victory that everyone awarded him after another weekend of dominance. He and his team already warned that it would not be easy and wanted to stop a euphoria that ended up crashing on the asphalt. Texas is a place where Marc has many points, so this zero complicates the first part of the season a bit.

His rosco relieved Dovizioso, who leaves a disastrous weekend as head of the classification, and Rossi, who brushed with the tips of his fingers a day of absolute glory. "I'm sorry I could not win, when I saw Marquez fall I thought victory was a possibility, I pushed hard, but Rins was better", confessed Valentino, who is not the fastest, but as the good area forwards has a nose for know where the ball will fall. This time his shot hit the stick because of Rins, one of the best representatives of the new generation of drivers that squeezes the most veterans. He is only 23 years old and a Suzuki that works better and better and has returned to MotoGP to stay and be a leading brand. "I have always believed in my factory and how I could win. Everyone says it's easy to wear the Suzuki, but getting the plus is complicated, "said the hero of the day. The brand has opted for it and has responded very well. He is of few words Álex, rather timid and reserved, although in track it becomes shameless. It has curly hair that has not cut for a long time. It comes out the sides of the cap and joked that he would not stoop it until he won. He did not specify if a race or the World Cup. If it was the first, you will go through the hairdresser before Jerez. What is certain is that yesterday he made history in Texas and could not avoid the tears. He had a reason.


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