Márquez, again MotoGP world champion

Márquez, again MotoGP world champion

He did not want to wait any longer. He had the first option to win the title and did not miss Márquez in Japan. It was the strongest this year and it was also in Motegi, breaking the resistance of Dovizioso with only two laps, the only one who has been able to face the Spaniard this year. The goal of the Italian was to postpone the outcome as much as possible, but Marc is a force of nature that does not understand patience. He wants everything and wants it already, so in Japan he was crowned for the fifth time in six years MotoGP champion, equaling a myth like Doohan and warning the rest of the legends that he still has ahead of him going for them.

He is making history based on triumphs and he is only 25 years old, that is, all sporting life ahead. Its limit is not known today, but it is sensed very far away. He did not qualify well in Motegi and had to start from sixth place. There was no problem, the rhythm had it, so his team was preparing everything for a possible celebration. He needed to stay ahead of Dovi so that the sentence would be mathematical and he knew he would have to win the race to be crowned, because Ducati is very strong and no one else could steal points. The two soon took the lead, removing possible secondary actors, and began a psychological war in which Márquez swallowed his enemy. He kept his wheel during the first part of the test, perhaps conserving fuel in a circuit where consumption is a critical issue for these bikes. Eleven laps from the end he tried a first overtaking, breaking a bit the monotony that favored Andrea. It was the first shake of a tree from which his fifth MotoGP crash had to fall.

Dovi changed the rhythm, He put all the coins he had on the table and that's also what Marc said, growing back to back and marking the fast lap as proof that the strongest at that moment was him. He took the lead in the final straight and Dovizioso panicked. He missed his last chance to stay alive in the championship, risked the limit to follow the wheel of Marc and went to the floor when there was a lap and a half. His image in the arena was the confirmation that Marquez was a champion. They asked for calm in his penultimate step by goal and he shook his head already celebrating. The dispute was over. With three races to go, Márquez added his fifth title of the big bikes in six years. Only one course has escaped him since his arrival to the elite, a curriculum available to almost anyone.


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