Maroto says that one of the criteria for the lists is that there are no leaders with inappropriate behavior

Maroto says that one of the criteria for the lists is that there are no leaders with inappropriate behavior

The deputy secretary of Organization of the PP, Javier Maroto, has assured this Tuesday that in the preparation of the lists of the party has been contemplated as one of the criteria that there are no leaders with an inappropriate behavior, in addition it has prevailed to politicians committed to the descent of taxes and with a "warm" communication.

"If someone in Casado's PP today believes that our recipe is not to lower all taxes, then there is a surplus in the PP If he thinks that with inappropriate behavior he can stay in the PP, no, he can not stay. He thinks that things can be explained with twisted sentences, then there is something left over because the communication Casado wants is easy, simple, flat and reaches the heart, "Maroto said about the preparation of the lists.

In an interview with RNE, collected by Europa Press, he pointed out that these have been some of the "criteria" used to design the electoral lists. Thus he has defended that in the general elections of April 28 has been chosen "the best", regardless of "how they are called or what friends have."

Maroto has argued that the lists have been made with the aim of preventing Sanchez from "returning to Spain in an economic crisis" as he did, as he said, the former Socialist President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

"We forget how they are called or what friends they have, we choose the best ones with that goal," he said. "This is the bet that Casado makes, to have the best team to avoid that he puts us in another crisis like Zapatero", he has stressed the number 'three' of the PP.

Asked about the departure of many leaders close to former vice president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, he defended that the Casado team combines the "experience" of politicians "with gray hair" with the "freshness and passion" of new people. However, he pointed out that Casado's lists are "plural".


Regarding the political future of the 'popular' spokesperson in Congress, Dolors Montserrat, who does not leave as head of list for April 28, the deputy secretary of Organization has preferred not to comment, as he understands that it is the leaders themselves who They must inform about their plans.

Meanwhile, the signing of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo as number 'one' of the PP to Congress by the province of Barcelona, ​​has put in value that it is a woman who expresses herself clearly and who has stood before the separatist positions.

"She is a woman who speaks clearly, has no hairs on the tongue, is a woman who is understood and says it is good to have to meet the 'pedigree' of Catalan independence that impose," he said.

In this sense, he has answered the Minister of Territorial Policy, Meritxell Batet, who resented not knowing Catalan. For Maroto it is necessary to avoid the "signs of identity" that can be "excluding", and although he has described as "glad" to speak another language, and has expressed himself as an advocate of Catalan or Basque, he understands that this should not be a barrier

Also, Batet reminded her that she participated in the 2015 elections in the PSOE lists for Madrid, so she pointed out that if she showed up in Madrid being Catalan, Álvarez de Toledo should be able to present for Barcelona.


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