March 1, 2021

Maroto says that commercial war affects Spain, but less than others

The acting Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has assured that the commercial war between the United States and China is affecting Spain less than its surrounding countries, but that does not prevent her department from being proactive to defend the interests of Spanish companies.

"It is affecting us as an increasingly open economy that is Spain, but it is true that less to other countries in our environment, which does not mean that we have not been proactive," said the acting minister after a meeting with the president Asturian, Adrián Barbón.

According to Maroto, his department is carrying out a defense of Spanish companies and their interests against protectionist policies "in multiple sectors", as was done with the black olive, which is still threatened by unfair tariffs in his opinion.

Before the escalation of the tension between both powers, with the rise in tariffs by the United States on Chinese products, and the devaluation of the yuan by the Asian giant, the head of Industry has stressed that Spain continues to bet on the multilateral system against those who bet on protectionism.

The rules of the multilateral system, he added, have allowed the creation of wealth and employment and a much more sustained growth over time, although he has recognized that it is also necessary to modernize the rules and adapt the World Trade Organization to the 21st century.

The benefits of this system against the protectionist are seen, for example, in the agreement recently signed with Mercosur after 20 years of negotiation, since Spanish and European companies will be able to "greatly improve" their investments and exports to new markets, he added the minister. EFECOM

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