July 11, 2020

Maroto ensures that the productive capacities of sanitary material are increased

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, at the moment, has several lines of work open to launch in Spain the “large-scale” production of masks, goggles, disposable gowns, hydro-alcoholic gels or respirators.

Minister Reyes Maroto has detailed, in an appearance together with her counterpart from the Ministry of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, that her Department is working to guarantee the industrial capacities that allow the manufacture of sanitary material in the national territory.

Maroto has highlighted the line of work that is being developed with the Madrid company Gersil and the Valencian Temel so that they can increase their daily production of respirators and thus meet the high demand for equipment that is required.

In his opinion, having that national reserve is “key” and, therefore, “we want to take advantage” of these moments of crisis to recover an industry that, like textiles or clothing, has relocated and remains in Spain.

At this time, it is “crucial” to guarantee supply to protect the health of health professionals and workers assigned to essential services, supply tasks and to the population as a whole.

For this, it is necessary to boost the national production of this material that is essential to save lives, he added.

Since the beginning of the crisis, and especially since the declaration of the state of alarm, the ministry has been making an enormous effort of coordination with the associations and industrial companies, in order to take advantage of their capacities and redirect production, he explained.

After acknowledging that “the impact of the health crisis is a fact”, Maroto has stressed that the will of his ministry is for the least number of jobs to be lost and has trusted that the temporary employment regulation (ERTE) files can help to guarantee it.

Regarding the open debate on whether Spain needs even stricter measures to fight the pandemic, she has argued that the industry is essential at the moment and that it is reinventing itself to change its production processes and help generate essential products to save lives. and get out of the crisis.


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