Maroto defends that the PP is also manifested although he predicts "spit and push" who is not from the left

The spokesman of the PP in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has defended the decision of his party to attend this year's demonstrations for Women's Day, 8M, because many women of his political spectrum want to be represented, he said, although He has predicted that there will be "spits and pushes" for those who go to the marches and are not leftist.

In statements in the Senate, Maroto has accused Podemos and the PSOE of "trying to politicize" this day, which is a day to "say loud and clear yes to equal opportunities between men and women, which for the PP is irreversible and inalienable. "

The 'popular' leader has thus defended the presence of members of the national leadership of the PP in demonstrations that should not "have labels" and despite not fully sharing the call, in his opinion "against others" and not to add "But it is important that there is a plural reflection in that concentration," he said.


Maroto has also defended the right of other women not to go out on Sunday as is the case of the spokeswoman for the PP in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, who has unmarked the demonstrations on March 8 alleging that she does not share Feminism prevailing in Spain.

The 'popular' leader has assured that there are political parties that try to present men as executioners of women, a position that has criticized, and that on March 8 should not have political acronyms. That said, he added that in "the real world" equality between men and women "is not full" and that "there are reasons to say in a demonstration" that progress must be made to achieve it, "that it is not an option."

He has insisted that the 8M manifesto is written in his opinion "to exclude" anyone who is not from the left. "But this time it will not work out," he added, because there will be the presence of the national leadership of the PP in the marches. "We say that we do not share the dogmatic, exclusive and sometimes violent theses that apply from Podemos and the PSOE in these manifestations and we put forward that many women look at us and say they want the PP to defend that day for what it is, the day of equal opportunities, "he explained.


Maroto has also defended the PP to manifest the 8M and maintain institutional pacts with a party that rejects the celebration of this day and gender violence. The spokesman has said his party has not crossed those agreements "no red line" and can say "loud and clear" that defends freedom and equality.

"Our job is to make the agreements not incorporate lines and measures that we cannot sign," he said. Specifically, he has claimed the existence of laws against gender violence against the Vox criterion, which in his opinion "does not include anything or confuses everything on purpose".


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